“Germany is looking for the superstar”: After Bohlen shock, the next hammer: Menderes is out!


The drama about the current DSDS season goes into the next round. Shortly before the final there is again stress – because of cult candidate Menderes Bagci!

Somehow the 18th season of the RTL cult program “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” does not seem to be under a good star. Even before the first castings flickered across the TV screen, jury member Michael Wendler (48) made headlines with his Corona statements and was unceremoniously removed from the show. And then the next hammer followed: Pop titan and DSDS veteran Dieter Bohlen (67) is out and will not even take part in the last shows. Illness-related, of course. But whoever thought that the headlines about DSDS would finally stop, did the math without cult candidate Menderes Bagci (36).

In the video above we show you how Dieter Bohlen has changed in 19 years of DSDS.

DSDS scandal: Bohlen is thrown out, Menderes Bagci is unloaded

The former king of the jungle was invited by RTL to sing the DSDS hit “We Have A Dream” at the final show on April 3, together with ex-winners Alexander Klaws (37) and Pietro Lombardi (28). Of course, accompanied by Dieter Bohlen. But nothing will come of it now! Menderes was unloaded again, reports “bild.de”. There it says that the production company has announced that the project has been “put on hold” by the latest developments. And much to the disappointment of Menderes, as you can imagine. “I would have liked to have sung again with Dieter Bohlen at the end. DSDS without him is unimaginable,” he said loudly “bild.de”.

Instead of Dieter Bohlen: Thomas Gottschalk moves up as a juror for the DSDS jury

But the 36-year-old will have to get used to this sight. In the last couple of broadcasts, the pop titan will not sit at the jury’s desk as usual. Instead, RTL has committed another TV face with experience: Thomas Gottschalk (70). How he will do in his new role and whether he will be well received by viewers will be shown by the ratings of the upcoming DSDS programs. In any case, the fact is: No one will be able to replace Bohlen’s iconic sayings anytime soon.

Thomas Gottschalk is deeply in love: He can hardly keep his hands off his girlfriend Karina, as we show in the video below.

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