“Germany leaves tourists on Mallorca to their fate”


The outdoor facilities of hotels on “Malle” are currently only allowed to be used until 5 p.m. Image: Frank Meitzke on Pixabay (Public Domain)

The federal government is still examining a general travel ban. From Tuesday, air travelers from all countries are required to test. Spanish media are critical of the approach

In the Spanish Balearic Islands, people are amazed at the German approach after the federal government announced on Friday that air travelers would be required to carry out a general corona test. It should apply from Tuesday, March 30th at midnight “before departure for Germany”. This is a precautionary measure. “Those who do not have a negative test will not be taken,” said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU). All air travelers, including those who come from areas that are not considered risk areas like the Balearic Islands, are then obliged to test.

Anyone who comes from risk areas, which now also includes France, needs a test by land at what is actually “border-control-free internal borders”. A negative test result can also be required there, they say. “The swab for the test must have been taken no earlier than 48 hours before entry.”

In Spain, people are particularly outraged that Germany does not want to take care of their compatriots who have tested positive in Spain. “Germany leaves tourists on Mallorca to their fate,” headlined the daily Diario de Mallorca on Saturday. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) does not want to worry about infected people who flock to the island in 532 flights by Easter Monday, the newspaper continues.

Return transport only with a negative test result

Because in the regulation it says that a return transport by the airline is only allowed with a negative test certificate. “Isolation according to local regulations is to be carried out at your own risk” if the test is positive. It is criticized that Merkel had “kept the tourism industry in suspense all week” until the regulation was signed on Friday afternoon. This should put an end to the chaos surrounding the corona measures in Berlin before Easter. That had become more than clear in the last few days.

Merkel first had to backtrack on the planned “Easter rest”. When it came to compulsory testing, Spahn’s Ministry of Health continued to be chaotic. Actually, she should come on Friday. It was first postponed to Sunday and then to Tuesday. The start date has been postponed again so that there is more time for preparation, said Spahn. This is likely to have something to do with the fact that returnees would have faced a massive problem from Friday. Because there was hardly any test infrastructure. It is only just being built up in Mallorca.

It is now also known that the federal government wanted a general travel ban. Because there is still the massive contradiction that it is possible to get on the plane with several other tourists to fly to Mallorca, while contact restrictions apply at your own place of residence.

The deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer confirmed that “the responsible departments are being checked” to prevent foreign travel altogether.

Merkel “asked again to check that really comprehensively,” it was reported. According to the news magazine Der Spiegel, she is said to have told the country chiefs that she would “set heaven and hell in motion” to prevent trips such as the Balearic Islands. It could not be “that people are now flying to Mallorca, but in Flensburg we can enforce a 15-kilometer radius”.

Stricter rules are already in place on Mallorca

The holiday fun on Mallorca is meanwhile also significantly limited again due to the increasing number of cases. The social democratic regional government has withdrawn previous opening steps. “The experts advise us to tighten the corona measures. And we are now doing that too,” said Prime Minister Francina Armengol. It does not rule out that the measures will be tightened even before Easter. The interiors of restaurants, bars and cafes have not been used since Friday and the terraces must be cleared at 5 p.m. All indoor communal facilities, such as swimming pools, spas or fitness rooms, are completely sealed. Outdoor facilities may only be used until 5 p.m. Carrying out at the hotel bar until 10 p.m. is over again.

It is also questionable whether the aggressive Brazilian virus variant is already rampant in Mallorca. The regional government declares that only its predecessor P. was found, but not the variant P. designated as P1. An announced report is still a long time coming. The social democratic health expert and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach does not believe those responsible in Mallorca. He thinks that there is also “trick” with the number of cases.
(Ralf Streck)

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Germany leaves tourists Mallorca fate


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