Germany – Merkel overturns her Easter super lockdown after heavy criticism: “It was my mistake”



Merkel overturns her Easter super lockdown after severe criticism: “It was my mistake”

Five days of rest over Easter, supermarkets closed, industry should rest on Maundy Thursday. That was Chancellor Merkel’s idea. Now everything is going to be different.

“Mea culpa” – Merkel apologizes for an ill-conceived concept for a special Easter rest. “It was my fault”.

Kay Nietfeld / dpa pool / 24. March 2021

It must have been sometime in the middle of the night on Tuesday, after grueling hours of negotiations with the heads of government of the federal states, when Chancellor Angela Merkel came up with the idea of ​​the special Easter quiet. For five days, from Maundy Thursday up to and including Easter Monday, life in Germany should have been shut down almost completely.

Shops closed, supermarkets closed with the exception of Saturdays, no public gatherings, hotels closed, so that no one comes up with the idea of ​​an Easter trip to the Baltic Sea. Five days of tough lockdown to break the exponential growth of corona infections. In the morning at 2.30 a.m., the 66-year-old presented this to the astonished media representatives.

Merkel breaks under heavy criticism

Two days later everything is different again. The Chancellor is overturning her Easter silence with immediate effect after severe criticism: From the side of the industry, which already had orders for Maundy Thursday in the pipeline. On the part of the supermarket chains, which warned of hamster purchases with a lot of customers because of the quasi-curfew on Wednesday evening or on Easter Saturday.

Much else was also unclear: Would the prescribed day of rest on Maundy Thursday have been equivalent to a public holiday? If the employees had to take a vacation day, who would have paid for it? And anyway: the churches that did not want to be banned from celebrating face-to-face services at Easter with the congregation also went to the barricades.

Merkel has never been more self-critical

Merkel wants to answer parliamentary questions this Wednesday afternoon. She has taken flight forward so that she does not run the risk of being pestered by the opposition with questions that embarrass her: The legally shaky Easter calm is history before it came into force. At a hastily convened conference with the heads of government of the federal states, Merkel said:

“It was my fault. If possible, it has to be corrected in good time. I think that is still possible. ”

The head of government, who recently came under criticism, did not save with self-criticism. She bears “full responsibility” for the uncoordinated and legally questionable decision. According to participants in the meeting, she added: “When you head through the wall, the wall always wins”.

Merkel’s “Mea culpa” should at least smooth things over a little. There has probably never been such a self-critical Merkel, who publicly apologizes for a mistake made by the population, politics and business. The public’s criticism of the federal government’s corona management has recently become louder, and in surveys, Chancellor Merkel’s Union is falling. In the afternoon, Merkel, who will resign in the fall after 16 years in government, will have to face critical questions from parliamentarians.

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Germany Merkel overturns Easter super lockdown heavy criticism mistake


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