Germany was a “restricted area” for Platter



The German entry ban or the border controls to Tyrol because of the classification as a virus variant area did not stop at Tyrol’s LH Günther Platter (ÖVP). He was not allowed to pass through the Deutsches Eck.

The governor wanted to take part in the meeting of the federal government with the state leaders in Vienna on Monday. However, he had previously been prohibited from traveling through the large or small Deutsche Eck, reported the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”.

Request in State Chancellery in Munich refused

Platter had previously asked the Bavarian State Chancellery. Thereupon it informed in writing that an entry to Germany from Tyrol as well as a transit via the small or large German corner is “only possible in certain exceptional cases” and that “the planned trip of Governor Platter does not fall under any of the defined exceptions”, cited Platter’s office across from the APA is the State Chancellery. Therefore, “the planned transit could not be approved according to the current regulations,” said the Bavarians. Thereupon the country manager saved himself the detour via the Pinzgau and was connected to the conversation via video.

Again and again complaints

Recently there had been more and more complaints from Tyrol about harassment on the Bavarian-Tyrolean border. They would also affect commuters and family members and also create difficulties in the health sector. The political climate between neighboring countries is also at a low point. Allegations of unequal treatment came from Tyrol – for example because no stationary controls are carried out on the border to the French virus variant area Moselle, in contrast to Tyrol.

Only a few are allowed to enter Germany

Germany declared the Czech Republic, Slovakia and large parts of Tyrol to be so-called virus variant areas in mid-February. From there and from other areas in which more contagious and, according to initial studies, variants of the coronavirus that cause severe courses are widespread, only Germans and foreigners with a residence and residence permit in Germany are currently allowed to enter. There are exceptions, for example, for truck drivers and cross-border commuters with systemically relevant professions. You have to present a negative corona test that is no older than 48 hours. The measures had recently been extended to March 17th.

NEOS: Committee of Inquiry into Border Closures

Meanwhile, the Tyrolean NEOS demanded in a broadcast a committee of inquiry into the border closings in the European Parliament. “It cannot be that heads of government in all of Europe break European law without consequences,” said club chairman Dominik Oberhofer. In the summer even Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) and Governor Platter issued travel warnings for Croatia and “boastfully called for border closings”, said Oberhofer: “Now it is time for the European heads of government to answer legally”.

The FPÖ also calls for open internal EU borders

“The EU has almost abolished itself,” said Tyrol’s FPÖ leader Markus Abwerzger in a broadcast with regard to the border closings. For him, freedom of travel and open internal borders for EU citizens are the pillars of the EU. Abwerzger announced an urgency request in the state parliament.

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