“Germany’s next top model” candidate leaves voluntarily


In the eighth week, the “Germany’s next top model” candidates went high. They had to find the perfect pose at a height of a few meters. One of them doesn’t see it anymore, she left the show prematurely.

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For Heidi Klum’s model candidates, the latest episode was once again about showing strength and self-confidence. Among other things, the candidates had to walk the catwalk in underwear or position themselves in a box at a dizzying height. As if that wasn’t exciting enough for the young women, they also got bad news from jury boss Klum.

“That’s why she is getting out”

“Unfortunately I have bad news for you. Jasmine has decided that it is not good for her health to continue at the moment. That is why she is dropping out,” said the 47-year-old. The models were shocked by the news. 20-year-old Soulin burst into tears. Friend Liliana tried to suppress her feelings and concentrate on the upcoming modeling assignment.

Jasmine: She collapsed at GNTM. (Source: ProSieben / Christian Anwander)

“At the moment it is very, very difficult for me,” explained Jasmine, who was eliminated, in a video message. “I am in tremendous pain and I will not be able to do what would be asked of me. That is why it is very important that I clarify everything first.” The 21-year-old is being treated in the hospital; she suffers from the autoimmune disease lupus.

Collapse the previous week

Had to last week Jasmine leave the other models. Suddenly she wasn’t feeling well at all. “Just like some bodies fight the flu, mine just fights itself,” she explained in the previous episode.

Klum also regretted the Viennese’s exit. “I have to say, I think it’s a shame that Jasmine can’t come back. I saw a lot of potential in her. But health always comes first. Who knows, maybe I’ll see her again someday at ‘Germany’s next top model'”. You wish her all the best and get well soon.

Although Jasmine voluntarily dropped out, another young woman had to leave the show. Klum had no photo for Alysha this week. The 19-year-old high school graduate from Berlin took her exit calmly and thanked her for everything she was allowed to learn in the eight weeks.

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Germanys top model candidate leaves voluntarily


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