Gernot Gollner from Hinterstoder takes over management of the OMV filling station business in Austria


HINTERSTODER / VIENNA. On March 1st, Gernot Gollner, who was born in Hinterstoder, took over the management of the OMV filling station business in Austria. He is replacing Wilfried Gepp, who is promoted to Head of Petrochemical Sales in a new branch of OMV.

Born in Hinterstoder, Gernot Gollner has been with OMV for 15 years. The trained master confectioner was responsible for the international department for shop and gastro before he was responsible for OMV’s petrol station business in Slovakia for the last five years. In his new position, Gernot Gollner is responsible for the fuel, shop and catering business in over 200 locations and represents the petrol station business in one of the largest companies in the country.

“Gas station of the future”

The OMV filling station network has been an important anchor point for many people since the beginning in 1990. Fuels provide the necessary mobility and since 1994 the VIVA shops have been available as local suppliers with high quality standards. Especially since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, OMV has been manifesting its role in ensuring security of supply in Austria every day. “I am very much looking forward to my new role as head of the Austrian petrol station business, which I will take over in challenging times. We are in the midst of an energy transition and a change in mobility that provides solutions for e-sharing or alternative drive sources, for example. In order to continue to have a relevant point of reference in the lives of mobile people, we are orienting ourselves to the changed customer needs, ”says Gernot Goller, head of the OMV filling station business in Austria. “Our expertise in shops and restaurants, for which we primarily purchase Austrian products, also makes us an important local supplier. Combined with our additional services such as banking or postal services, we have the potential to develop into a multi-service hub as the petrol station of the future, ”emphasizes Gernot Gollner.

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Gernot Gollner Hinterstoder takes management OMV filling station business Austria


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