Ghost of Tsushima’s combat system took six years to develop


While we Ghost of Tsushima it is easy to lose yourself in the beauty of it all. Tsushima Island itself is absolutely gorgeous, it’s incredibly fun to explore, and even the story is full of fascinating characters and moments. In addition, it is difficult to distance yourself from the game and not have immense appreciation for your combat system. From the start, players will notice how clear and clean the fights in the game are, and this will only become more apparent as players tackle some of the more challenging duels. Great work like this doesn’t happen overnight, and it took the developers six years to perfect Ghost of Tsushima’s combat system.

Ghost of Tsushimam was developed by Sucker Punch, the same studio responsible for classic titles like the Sly Cooper franchise and the Infamous games. Ghost of Tsushima was among the Game Awards 2020 als Player’s Voice Game of the Year ausgezeichnet.

Hosted at the recent GDC presentation Brian Fleming, Co-founder of Sucker Punch, an Ask Me Anything virtual event related to Ghost of Tsushima. During that event, he was asked what the most difficult feature for Ghost of Tsushima was and without thinking twice, he found that the combat system was the most difficult to implement. According to Fleming, the programmers, designers, and animators tasked with puzzling out the Ghost of Tsushima’s combat system “worked six years without a break” to get it right.

Ghost of Tsushimas Kampfsystem (C) Sucker Punch, Sony

During that time, according to Fleming, these hardworking developers created several different forms of combat, each with a unique approach, before settling on the one that players are familiar with. To explain why so much emphasis was placed on combat, Fleming says that it’s one of the few features in the game that needs to work in any setting. In Ghost of Tsushima a fight can break out at any time. Whether the player is fighting on a stormy cliff or on a sunny beach, the experience has to be flawless.

Fleming concludes this statement by stating that Sucker Punch is very pleased with the way the battle system has gone in Ghost of Tsushima, but admits that “it was a long, difficult road.” Everywhere you look in Ghost of Tsushima you can see this kind of care and attention to detail.

Ghost of Tsushima is now available for PS4.

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Ghost Tsushimas combat system years develop


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