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Girlfriend shares private snapshot of baby Archie


All dad: This is what Baby Archie looks like today

At the latest during the revelatory interview with Oprah Winfrey (67), Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (39) will give an insight into their private lives in front of an audience of millions. But if the two royal dropouts were planning to give an update on their son Archie (1), then someone has gotten ahead of them. Silver Tree, producer of the US series “Suits” and confidante of Meghan, shared a never-before-seen, private snapshot of Little Archie. It is noticeable that the royal offspring has grown pretty big and looks more and more like his dad. In the video there is a direct comparison of Prince Harry and his cute Mini-Me.

Friend Silver is committed to Meghan

The TV producer wanted to defend her good friend with a series of photos and a strong caption. “This is Meg. A real person – no headline. She is one of my closest and dearest people. Like all her friends, I love her madly. She is the friend who insists on getting the details of your life, your day, your life of your children and of your children’s day – in front of theirs. Always in front of theirs, “described Silver under the heartwarming contribution. But only a short time later, she deleted her well-intentioned tweet again. The reason for this is not known.

First recordings of Archie since 2019

It’s the first time since the Sussexes Africa tour in September 2019 that we’ve seen little Archie. Previously there were only verbal updates from his parents. Most recently during the “sightseeing” interview with James Corden. Because then dad Prince Harry revealed Archie’s very first word and his Christmas present from his great-grandmother, the Queen of England.

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Girlfriend shares private snapshot baby Archie


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