GNTM 2021 in the live ticker: “My husband didn’t get on his knees”: Heidi talks about her engagement to Tom


Updated on March 4th, 2021, 11:28 pm

  • The day has finally come: the GNTM candidates were allowed to go to the hairdresser.
  • Do you like the new haircut as much as Heidi Klum?
  • We were there at the “Big Makeover” in the live ticker – here to read.

GNTM live ticker here for reading

10:46 pm: Oh, was that it again? What I learned today:

  • Tom Kaulitz did not get on his knees in front of Heidi.
  • Anyone with short hair is necessarily a boy.
  • When designers wear sweaters with holes in their sleeves, that’s Houte Couture.

10:43 pm: The designer wanted a nineties walk from Linda that looked extravagant? She can’t manage that because she wasn’t even born in the 90s.

10:36 pm: The fact that Linda gives Soulin from the bottom of her heart that she is further shows how mature and mature Linda is. (Irony off.)

10:31 pm: Amina is out? Oh, now she has already got the biggest change of the season (according to her own feeling) and now she has to go too? That’s not fair. I recommend her a relaxing vacation in beautiful Bavaria.

10:28 pm: Heidi wears glasses? After her intimate details from bed when Tom Kaulitz proposed to her, this is the second private piece of information that she announces today. What’s wrong with the model mom?

10:26 pm: Of course, Elisa, the Heidi Klum doppelganger of the season, is one lap further. But a look into my GNTM glass ball tells me: It is guaranteed not to win. Heidi Klum doesn’t need a second Heidi Klum next to him.

10:24 p.m .: Who is actually Jasmine? What is she doing there and where does she come from?

10:12 pm: Anyone who has gone through a blatant change should be sure to continue? They have never watched GNTM before, have they?

9:59 pm: The designer Christian Cowan wears a sweater that has holes in the sleeves and on the sides. He probably thought he just needed to be in video conferencing.

Heidi saves on the hairdresser and on the shoot

9:53 pm: Heidi saves everything today: At first not all girls were allowed to Umsytling, now the shoot takes place during the catwalk. Glamor factor: 0.

9:43 pm: Is Heidi wearing her home office outfit today?

9:40 pm: Is Linda sure that she just said “I don’t care” in English? She doesn’t speak English because it was a while back from school. With logic, no one over 30 should be able to speak a straight sentence in English. Was it Linda, the brunette, who said earlier that blondes are stupid per se? I beg to differ!

9:35 pm: Now Ana has to be a “mean girl” too. Now she’s already blonde and then she should also be mean. But that really doesn’t work at all.

9:31 pm: Romina’s friend Stefano Zarrella (yes, he is related to Giovanni Zarrella, his brother) is 500 percent convinced of the red hair. That calms me down a lot, 500 percent. At 100 percent I would have been really worried.

9:15 pm: So that was it, the “Big Makeover 2021”. Totally “crazy” and “insane” (quotes from the girls). Incidentally, today our planning editor has his GNTM world premiere and is watching the model casting for the very first time. So he picked out the best episode right away. Certainly not a coincidence.

9:13 pm: Amina: “I look like a dirndl woman from the country. Like someone from Bavaria.” So please! What does that mean? I’m beside myself (I live in Munich).

9:10 pm: “You haven’t been that happy yet, Amina, have you?” There it is, the Klumquamperfekt. For the first time this season! Schnapps! Oh, two. I was really happy then.

Red-orange-colored hair for Romina: “Look like Pumuckl”

9:06 pm: Heidi knows what suits the models. So when I look at Romina like that, I rather doubt it. In fact, very much. She also thinks: “I look like Pumuckl.”

9 p.m .: “My husband didn’t get on his knees,” says Heidi Klum of her engagement to Tom Kaulitz. “Well, we were in bed too …” You rarely see the model mom so openly. What the makeover does to her.

8:59 pm: “I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years. He’s also blonde.” Best performance ever.

8:54 pm: “The typical blonde is stupid.” – “I get short hair, I look like a boy.” It’s good that none of them have any prejudices.

8:49 pm: Are the girls left behind in the loft watching a horror film? “The Walking Dead”? Or a world war documentary? “Hitler’s willing executors”? No. They watch their colleagues as their hair is cut off. Facial expressions: exactly the same.

8:34 pm: After these emotionally exhausting 19 minutes, in which so many hairs lost their lives, I am glad that now the advertising is coming. Then a Lillet.

8:30 p.m .: I can literally hear the hair screaming into my living room through the TV. It hurts them so much.

8:29 pm: Exactly, the one who has to work first gets the shortest hair. Because it takes a hell of a long time to cut off long hair.

8:25 pm: By the way, there’s a bitch fight going on between Soulin and others. That escalated quickly. What was that about exactly? Never mind, now it’s time for a makeover!

8:22 pm: That’s right, Mareike’s white hat looks really sick.

8:20 pm: Six candidates already have the perfect look and will not be redesigned? Does GNTM have to save this year? Are there no extensions for 3,000 euros?

8:18 pm: Everyone gets short hair – that is the biggest fear of the girls. “Dare to be, Heidi,” Liliana threatens the head of the model. That’s the spirit, we want to hear that!

8:16 pm: Tears, bitch fight, “Oh my God, that’s like in a horror film” screaming – is that still GNTM or is it already the latest soap opera on ProSieben?

8:00 pm: So, Lillet is ready and I am ready. Makeover, or Klumstyling, is always like Christmas and Easter and an early end to the lockdown together.

This episode is loved by the fans and hated by the candidates: Heidi Klum has invited her pack to a makeover. You can see in the picture gallery which girls came with the most noticeable changes from the hairdresser.

Special treatment for Leni Klum

3:30 pm: Rankin is one of Heidi Klum’s favorite photographers. He appears at least once in each season, his word has weight with the model chief and the assessments he gives often predict the further course of the season. Rankin also photographed the girls in episode 2 of the current season.

Heidi Klum always sells this to her young models as a great honor – after all, not everyone is allowed in front of Rankin’s lens. Unless, of course, your name is Leni Klum. She has now posted a photo on Instagram that received almost 200,000 likes within a few hours (as of March 4, 3 p.m.). In addition, Heidi Klum’s daughter writes: “Photo from a little while ago”, ie “Photo that was taken some time ago”. Rankin’s Instagram profile is also linked. Which is why Heidi’s candidates have to go a long way – because only the top 20 can even enjoy Rankin – their daughter can just take it with them.

Did Leni even take the photo while filming the current GNTM season? Heidi Klum recently announced that her daughter was allowed to appear in front of the camera after the girls’ photo shoots. Then she said: “Now it’s my turn.” Heidi Klum: “She has made so many over the years, she loves it.”

The fans don’t seem to mind the extra treatment of the 16-year-olds. “Beautiful”, write under the picture, “breathtaking” and “How can you be so beautiful?”

GNTM makeover: “My hair means everything to me”

It is the episode that everyone is waiting for in every season: The “Big Makeover” is on for “Germany’s Next Top Model”. It is called the “Big Makeover” every year, but of course it is sometimes more, sometimes less, and sometimes more, sometimes less spectacular.

The fact that this episode in 2021 falls on the week in which the hairdressers are allowed to open again is probably a media-effective coincidence that the Klum should fit well into the stuff. Whether the girls are just as hungry for a new hairstyle as Heidi Klum and every second German, can be doubted.

“I don’t know what you do with my hair. I’m really afraid that you will cut it off completely and I look like a guy,” ProSieben quotes about candidate Dasha (20). Dasha seems to overlook the fact that guys nowadays often have long hair – such as “The Masked Singer” judge Rea Garvey or footballer David Beckham – and women raspy short – such as “top model” go-lucky Mia who packed her bags last week to have. Heidi Klum should remind her again of the motto of the 16th season: Diversity, variety.

And 20-year-old Ana, who shivered before the nude walk last week, goes into the hairstyle challenge with just as mixed feelings. “My hair means everything to me because I really take care of it and take good care of it so that it grows. Years of work could be in vain with one cut.” That could be. Especially in the Klumiversum, where the model head is particularly happy about the candidates who talk in detail about what they are most afraid of.

Amina (21) is a little more pragmatic. According to ProSieben, she plans for the time after the cut, in case the Klum should actually give her a short haircut: “I’ll just put in extensions.”

Catwalk and photo shoot in one

Heidi Klum’s girls are attuned to the makeover with a video of past makeovers: Candidate Kim can be seen, who received a millimeter-short pixie cut in 2016, or Anastasia, who had to part with her long mane in 2020. For Romina (21) it is immediately clear: “We all get short hair, just imagine!”

This week they slip into the extravagant creations of designer Christian Cowan for the Elimination Walk, i.e. the walk down the catwalk where the model candidates are sorted out. And do the photo shoot at the same time. “Today we’re doing a ‘two in one’ fashion show and photo shoot, so to speak,” explains Heidi Klum. “And you have five seconds for the shoot.” Whether so little time is enough to put shaved-short hair in the limelight? We’ll see – Thursday, March 4th, here in the GNTM live ticker.

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At “Germany’s next top model” some girls get blatant changes – Promiflash is already showing them!

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