GNTM-Aus because of lupus: Jasmine amazes Heidi’s announcement


Jasmine J├╝ttner seems a bit surprised! The Viennese decided in the last episode of Germany’s next top model to leave the show. The reason: She suffers from lupus, an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the skin and organs. She had a flare-up the previous week and even had to be taken to the hospital. The fact that she will not return to the show from there, however, explained chief juror Heidi Klum (47) only to a few of her fellow campaigners and did not really go into it later. Jasmine overwhelms the way Heidi conveyed the topic.

Im Promiflash-Interview tells the student that she was amazed at the announcement of her exit from GNTM on the show: “Somehow it came across as: ‘Yeah, that’s just the way it is and that’s over.'” But it didn’t really bother her either. “I didn’t want such a big thing to be made out of it because I just find it uncomfortable,” summarizes the 21-year-old. Much more important to her is the personal message she received after she left Heidi got.

In the message to Jasmine said the model mom, among other things, that she would be happy to welcome the Austrian again on her show in the next few years. At the moment, the brunette cannot imagine that: “I think I have to first clarify everything about my health and then take a look.” Your fear that it will end up the way it does now if you try again is just too great.

Heidi Klum, Model

Instagram / jasminejuettner

Jasmine, GNTM-Kandidatin 2021
Heidi Klum im Februar 2020 in New York

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GNTMAus lupus Jasmine amazes Heidis announcement


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