GNTM winner Barbara Meier: Slap hands! New picture of Marie-Therese


GNTM winner Barbara Meier builds a playpen for little daughter Marie-Therese – and gets help from the little one.

Since GNTM winner Barbara Meier (34) gave birth to her daughter Marie-Therese (8 months) in July, the little girl has been her one and only. The little one brings joy into the lives of the 34-year-old and her husband, the entrepreneur Klemens Hallmann (45), every day. But of course being a mom for Barbara is not only associated with particularly beautiful and particularly exciting moments, but also with completely new tasks and challenges. And the young mother is facing one of these in her Instagram story. She wants to set up the playpen for her daughter independently and without help. At least almost all alone: ​​Because Marie-Therese decides to lend a hand and “help” mom. This is not only good news for Barbara, who shares a sweet photo of the little, hardworking putty hand.

We show you the hearty shot in the video above!

Barbara Meier shows her child the world

Of course, Barbara and her loved ones are not always at home even during lockdown times. After all, there is a need for a bit of fresh air and exercise – with appropriate safety measures, of course! And so the model regularly shows his offspring the world outside. Sometimes in front of a snowy dream backdrop, sometimes on a “morning walk”.

We show you the mom-daughter walk in the video below.

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GNTM winner Barbara Meier Slap hands picture MarieTherese


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