“Goals are the responsibility of the cantors”: This is how the network reacts to a goal failure in the Swiss national team



Absurd scenes before the Swiss national team against Lithuania. A gate in St. Gallen’s Kybunpark was five centimeters too high and had to be replaced. A hit for all jokers in the net.

One of the goals in the game of the Swiss national team was too high and had to be replaced.


When the officials routinely checked the gates before the match between the Swiss national team and Lithuania, they uncovered a faux pas: the check showed that the gate was five centimeters too high instead of 2.44 meters. Not only Sascha Ruefer enjoyed the mishap afterwards. “A first goal has been scored, it will be carried out of the stadium,” was just one of the many jokes that the SRF commentator cracked in the 15 minutes until the start of the game.

The Swiss comedian and writer Gabriel Vetter also insisted on scoffing at the goal fail: “The goal was already correctly high. The playing field was just too far down, ”he writes on Twitter.

Or was the lawn just too short?

User Dan Hungerbühler even allowed himself a corona joke: “No wonder the gates in St.Gallen are too high. They are also the responsibility of the cantors.»

«I am watching the St. Gallen groundskeepers hastily replacing one of the gates. 10 minutes after the game should have started. It’s like watching a comedy show, ”wrote Nischar Schwager-Patel.

User Ignas had already had enough of football for the evening: “Let’s just turn it into a draw and leave that behind.”

And Florin Schütz even managed to bring a political and economic dimension into it with an “Ever Given” meme.

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Goals responsibility cantors network reacts goal failure Swiss national team


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