Goodbye Germany: baby surprise! Kauther Cherri is pregnant


We haven’t heard from the “Goodbye Germany” family Cherri for a long time – now the US emigrants surprise with sweet news!

“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Christina Cherri dared to jump across the Atlantic with her daughter Kauther (19) back in 2014. Christina had previously fallen in love with ex-soldier Dwayne Coffee at home and eventually followed him to the US state Ohio. The start in the new country turned out to be more than unpleasant, but now there is good news to report: Kauther is expecting her first baby!

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Dream job, college and a baby: things are going great for the Cherri family in the USA

The broadcaster VOX posted a family picture on the occasion, announced the happy baby news and quoted the 19-year-old: “Everything is going wonderfully over here. My mother has found her dream job as a flight attendant at Delta Airlines and I’m now in my third year in college. Best of all, my fianc√© Brandon and I are expecting our first child in July. “

Christina Cherri’s partner Dwayne: How is he doing with his illness?

And the “Goodbye Germany” fans receive another important message: “Dwayne is doing a lot better now.” Because not only the language problems caused Christina and Kauther stomach pains in the beginning, but also the fact that Dwayne became seriously ill.


Goodbye Germany

“Goodbye Germany”
Elvira, Simone & Co. emigrated because of love – that’s how they feel today!
Love goes crazy sometimes. The makers of “Goodbye Germany” accompanied four German women on their search for great love. But how are Elvira, Christina, Julia and Simone today, a few years after they got married to their husbands from Ghana, the USA and Turkey?

The ex-soldier was no longer able to work, since his return to the USA he has been receiving a pension from the army. But the couple, who have been of one heart and one soul since 2012, are doing bravely – and are now looking forward to becoming grandparents soon.


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Goodbye Germany baby surprise Kauther Cherri pregnant


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