Goodbye Germany: diagnosis of brain tumor – emigrant heals herself


Goodbye Germany: diagnosis of brain tumor – emigrant heals herself (photo montage)

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In 2019 Michaela was diagnosed with burnout and brain tumor. Instead of facing therapy, the former radio presenter emigrated, accompanied by “Goodbye Germany” – after only a few months the tumor has disappeared.

Canaries – Michaela Strodl (30) actually has everything you could want, but the former radio presenter was still not happy. And then there was a terrifying diagnosis: The brunette not only suffered from burnout, a brain tumor was also discovered. Fortunately, the tumor was benign and so the 30-year-old decided against therapy, packed her things and, accompanied by “Goodbye Germany” *, took a break. And just a few months later the tumor suddenly disappeared, * reported.

“Goodbye Germany”: Michaela refuses medical treatment and emigrates instead

As a radio host, Michaela lived a real jet set life full of chic parties. But the future emigrant was still not happy. Pressure to perform and stress led to a burnout that made the Austrian rethink. Instead of being treated medically, the 30-year-old immigrated to La Palma accompanied by “Goodbye Germany”. The former career woman lived a real hippie life there. She lived in a cave with no electricity. “The simpler I live, the less I own, the better I feel”, Michaela is certain.

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A new love then made her happiness perfect. The former radio presenter René Walrafen (26) met and fell in love on the Canary Island. After six months on La Palma, Michaela had a medical examination again. And during an MRI, the doctor surprisingly found that the tumor had completely disappeared. Did your new lifestyle help you heal? “A miracle has happened”, says the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant (these emigrants failed mercilessly *).

“Goodbye Germany” emigrant Michaela moves from the Canary Islands to Cologne

After only seven months of cave life, it is time for the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant (all information about the documentary soap *) to begin a new phase of life. With your new partner. Michaela moves to Cologne with René. But the dropout is keeping her newly found lifestyle. Today, the 30-year-old lives from her art and workshops in Cologne. Due to the corona, the Austrian offers online sessions in which she helps people to take control of their lives and to change them.

“I healed myself from a ‘fatal’ disease according to medical professionals”, writes Michaela on the Internet, “I chose to enter my own life after breaking my chains in society”.

The “Goodbye Germany” episode about Michaela was broadcast for the first time in 2019. A repeat will be shown on TV * on Monday evening (March 29th).

* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Goodbye Germany diagnosis brain tumor emigrant heals


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