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“Goodbye Germany” stars Caro & Andreas Robens open bar in the “Faneteria”


The “Faneteria” in Cala Millor is finally history

These are the new tenants of the famous restaurant in Cala Millor

Kim and Ercan, who have been living in Mallorca for a year and a half, are now taking over the second branch in Cala Millor and even want to open more bars of the fitness restaurant in the future. This is announced by Andreas Robens in the Instagram livestream of “Goodbye Germany”. He also reveals that the “Iron Diner” wants to receive its first guests on May 1st, so everything from now on is full speed ahead when it comes to renovation and renovation. Caro and Andreas want to actively support their business partners Kim and Ercan.

In the video: The closure of the “Faneteria” was so painful for Danni Büchner

Daniela Büchner wishes good luck – but there is a catch

For Daniela Büchner, the final closure of her husband’s “Faneteria” was associated with many tears, as we show in the video above. “Somehow I couldn’t keep the dream, somehow I couldn’t make it,” she explains sadly in the RTL interview. After all, the Malle-Café was the treasure of her great love Jens. So what does she think of Andreas, Caro, Kim and Ercan’s plans? In her Instagram story, she sends loving words to the entrepreneurs: “I really, really wish you all the best! You have my fullest respect for doing something completely new in times of Corona. I think that’s great.” But Danni Büchner also has an urgent last wish for the new operator – it’s about a wall portrait of her and Jens.

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Goodbye Germany stars Caro Andreas Robens open bar Faneteria


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