Google Chrome: It’s easier to try experiments


Google wants to make it easier for the curious to try out some experiments. Google has been hiding experimental features behind Chrome: // flags for ages. Now you want to advertise some of the things prominently in order to receive feedback. In concrete terms, you can now see this in the Canary version of the browser, which has an additional icon in the menu bar. Behind it are selected flags that can be activated quickly – including the option to send feedback on this to Google. This can be used from the Canary version released on March 5th. If the whole thing is not displayed on you, then you have to add it again by hand and activate chrome: // flags / # chrome-labs. Google is currently testing the reading list, tab search and side tab scrolling.

Google Chrome allows you to adjust some parameters in an experimental area. How to get there: Enter chrome: flags in the address line of the browser and confirm with Enter. In the interface that now appears, values ​​can be changed that are active after restarting Google Chrome. Experiments can be searched in a search field, the area to the right of the search field “Reset all to default” is also important here. If something does not work as desired after making changes, you can completely undo the changes to the experimental settings here.

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Google Chrome easier experiments


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