Google Drive: New filter functions for the search


The search engine company is changing and adding to the search parameters for Google Drive.

Google has recently been redesigning its Google Drive cloud storage system. A new notification area was recently rolled out for all users of the Android app. The search function is now generally being expanded, as reported by “GoogleWatchBlog”.
Previous search in Google Drive

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With the previous search you can either search for the file format (e.g. PDF or Documents) or limit the search results, for example by owner or storage location.

The main goal is to be able to find shared files more quickly.

The new search parameters

  • from: will now show files that have been shared with you by the selected email address. Previously, files belonging to this email address were shown.
  • an: will now display files that you shared with the specified email address. Before that, you would have seen any files that the email address had permission to view, comment on, or edit.
  • sharedwith: is a new search operator that displays files that the specified email address has or that it has permission to view, comment on, or edit.
  • owner: Files owned by the specified email address. There is no change to this operator. It can be used to display the results for which you previously used the operator from: would have used.

The gradual rollout has already begun, according to the Workspace blog entry, but it can take up to 15 days.

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Google Drive filter functions search


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