Google stops tracking browsing data


Google wants to further reduce the tracking of web browsing traffic in Chrome. At the beginning of last year, the group had already promised to gradually remove third-party cookies from its browser. Now Google has announced that it will not use any other tools or create them themselves that will replace the function of cookies. That comes from a blog post by the US company from the beginning of this week, as reported by Reuters.

“Keeping the Internet open and accessible for everyone requires that we do more to protect privacy,” Google is quoted as saying. This not only means doing without third-party cookies, but also using all technologies for tracking individuals who are on the Internet.

Ending the tracking of Internet traffic is an attempt to meet the “increased standards” in terms of data protection in Europe and the USA, it continues. For years, companies like Google have been criticized by data protection activists. With the help of cookies, they collect browsing data on third-party websites and create profiles of their users in order to display personalized advertising. How to get rid of annoying cookie banners in the browser, read here.

Google continues to test means for companies to tailor advertising material specifically to large groups of people with similar interests.

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Google stops tracking browsing data


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