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Google TV will soon let you set up child profiles.

Google TV gets a new option: kids profiles. The innovation is already starting in the USA. It should also reach Germany in the coming months.

Using the child profiles, it will be possible for parents to only release selected apps and content for their pupils. In addition, of course, only suitable, family-friendly recommendations appear for the kids. In addition, special themes are available for the children, which spice up the surface with illustrations and animations. Everything should be child-friendly and visually adapted.

At the same time, you can save your own profiles using a PIN, so that the children don’t suddenly rummage through your account for “The Walking Dead” when they are bored or accidentally. You then also have the opportunity to set screen times for your children – for example if they should not use streaming apps for more than 2 hours a day. It is also possible to specify a time at which the lights should go out in the children’s room, so to speak.

Google TV allows you to set screen times.
Google TV allows you to set screen times.

The Family Link app can be used for this. This allows the children’s profiles for Google TV to be synchronized with Android and Chrome OS. If you create a child profile under Google TV, you can link an existing Google account for children or simply create a new profile with the name and age. Back to the screen times again briefly: When these are coming to an end, notices are given three times so that there is a chance to switch off the program in good time. Then there is a layer in the shaft. However, parents can also spontaneously extend their screen time.

Google TV: Children’s profiles will follow a little later in Europe

Parents in the US will have access to the new child profiles for Google TV in March 2021. In Europe and thus also in Germany, according to the company, things should start in the next few months. It is of course a practical thing that you can create your own profile for kids centrally in the interface and manage it via the Family Link app.

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