Gottschalk with top ratings at “DSDS” premiere, Bohlen plans “big things”


Seine Zeit bei „Deutschland sucht den Superstar” ist vorbei. Nun möchte der 67-Jährige neue Projekte starten.

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Berlin – From complaining pop titan to a good-humored show dinosaur: Thomas Gottschalk has replaced Dieter Bohlen as a juror for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” for the first time. As usual fashionably chic, in a dark turquoise velvet coat, Gottschalk greeted the RTL viewers on Saturday in the old “Wetten, dass ..?” Manner. “Live TV on Saturday evening – that’s just made for me. I also feel at home, ”said the 70-year-old at the beginning. Showmaster Gottschalk took the place of long-time chief juror Bohlen after he canceled his participation in the DSDS semifinals and finals – officially due to illness. RTL had previously announced that Bohlen’s time on the successful casting show would end after almost 20 years.

Even without Dieter Bohlen, the semifinals gave the RTL broadcaster a decent audience rating. An average of 3.22 million viewers were on the screens on Saturday evening, which corresponds to a market share of 11.8 percent with more than three hours of broadcasting time.

The output on Saturday without planks, but with Gottschalk even improved compared to the previous week: On March 20, 2.98 million people tuned in, the market share was 9.8 percent. In the semifinals of the previous season 17 last year it was 3.67 million and 11.2 percent, which is comparable to this year’s values.

“Titans fall too”

After the opening, Gottschalk left the stage to presenter Oliver Geißen and sat on the jury between singer Maite Kelly and social media star Mike Singer. “Titans can fall too, and that happened to Dieter. Of course we wish him to get up again quickly. Get well soon, “said Gottschalk about the prevented” DSDS “primeval rock. Bohlen had surprisingly called in sick a few days ago. After almost 20 years, his time at the long-running casting show ends without a proper farewell.

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This year RTL wasn’t very lucky with its jurors anyway. Shortly before the start of the season, pop singer Michael Wendler switched to the conspiracy industry and was cut out of the already recorded programs. Then the plank-off, which apparently hit him hard.

Bohlen is satisfied: “Got a lot of offers”

In any case, the music producer commented on his separation from RTL for the first time a few minutes before the start of the live show. “I got a lot of offers, of course, and of course you have to look a bit at what you are doing now,” he said in an Instagram video in which he looked very fit. He is very satisfied with the current situation. “I have big plans and you will hear from me.”

The big TV stage later belonged to Gottschalk, which Alphatier Bohlen may well have worried. The two fight verbally in public over and over again. In 2012 both sat on the jury for the “Supertalent”, which didn’t work out particularly well. “All in all, I see my main job today as encouraging people and explaining what to expect. Because we live in a phase where there is a lot of grumbling, ”said Gottschalk about the jury job.

That could have been a swipe at Bohlen, who was notorious for his often bitter sayings. “Show-Titan” Gottschalk mastered his new task with the usual routine and humor. Regarding the unadorned industrial hall from which the first live show was broadcast after the episodes recorded in Mykonos in autumn, he said: “You sat on the Mediterranean with Dieter, you dragged me to the workshop in Duisburg. That’s not exactly nice either. ”By the way: Jan-Marten Block (25), Karl Jeroboan (30), Starian McCoy (19) and Kevin Jenewein (27) are in the“ DSDS ”final next Saturday. (WHAT / dpa)

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