Grand Casino Tycoon for Windows PC: Build and Run the Perfect Vegas Casino!


Aerosoft, a successful publisher of simulation games, and the Austrian developer stillalive studios (RescueHQ) present their latest title, Grand Casino Tycoon: Grand Casino Tycoon, which will be released on May 20, 2021 for Windows PC, takes over the classic tycoon game formula “Build, Enhance, expand ”and add a new depth to it. The players not only design the layout of their glittering gambling halls, but also have to keep an eye on the guests and manage their wishes, needs and winnings with tactical skill! A perfect balance is required for success, because only the happy guests have enough money.

“We are delighted to be working with Aerosoft on this very innovative tycoon game,” says Julian Mautner, CEO and founder of stillalive studios. “Grand Casino Tycoon offers all the popular elements of the tycoon genre with an extra dose of humor and a few slightly weird gameplay ideas, which together make for a unique experience.”

About the game: In Grand Casino Tycoon everything revolves around the guests, their personalities and their preferences – only those who serve the different types of guests correctly can get them to play and thus pull the money out of their pockets. It is important to keep an eye on every detail, from the strategic placement of the slot machines and tables to the availability of bars and restaurants for the physical well-being. The design of the casino is only half the battle: Those who do not keep an eye on the players, analyze their needs and adapt their decisions accordingly, will not be successful in the long term.

Die Features:

What the player needs: The shrewd manager can use the needs system to observe and manipulate the most important attributes of each guest, from hunger to thirst to the level of expenditure, in order to create the perfect mood and environment.

Start small, dream big: A sophisticated tech tree allows the clever casino boss to keep his establishment always up to date with the latest gaming technology. The better the casino and its equipment, the higher the earning potential!

What is being played here? Missions or free play: a well thought-out campaign mode and an open sandbox mode allow players to experience all kinds of casino management.

Interior design makes the difference: Create the perfect layout with a variety of exciting games, from bright and colorful slot machines to classics like blackjack, craps and of course roulette. In addition, the right music and decorations ensure the right ambience and a quick reunion of the guests!

A star that bears Michelin’s name: Casinos aren’t just for gaming. With an opulent selection of fine foods and delicious cocktails on offer, guests will spend more money and increase their visiting hours

A perfect match: A shrewd casino tycoon uses security cameras, pit bosses and other “control objects” to get a perfect mix of winners, losers and, above all, “big donors”.

Grand Casino Tycoon is published by Aerosoft and developed by stillalive studios. The title will be released on May 20, 2021 for Windows PC via Steam. Add Grand Casino Tycoon to your wish list here!

Further information about Aerosoft is available from Aerosoft on the net, on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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Grand Casino Tycoon Windows Build Run Perfect Vegas Casino


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