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As of March 24, 2021 6:12 a.m.

Despite the extended lockdown, Hamburg Airport is expanding its capacities. On the coming weekends, Terminal 2, which has been closed so far, will also be operational again because more passengers are expected.

“Travel not absolutely necessary at home and abroad” should be avoided – this is the appeal from the federal and state governments after the latest Corona summit. And the flights to Mallorca are particularly important. This week only a little more than ten planes will take off for the Balearic Islands, but three times as many in the coming week.

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So far, returning travelers do not have to be in quarantine because the corona numbers on Mallorca are comparatively low. In view of the onslaught of vacationers from many countries, that could change quickly, warned Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD).

Drive-in for corona tests at the airport

The airport is meanwhile also expanding the corona test capacities. A drive-in test center will open there in the coming week. In addition, a second provider has set up shop at the airport – not only travelers, but everyone can be tested. The federal government bears the costs for a so-called citizen test.

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Passengers check in at Hamburg Airport for a flight to Mallorca.  © dpa photo: Markus Scholz

The planes have been fully occupied since the risk warning was lifted. 35 machines set off for the Balearic Islands at Easter. more

The Hamburg Airport lettering lights up on an airport building.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Christian Charisius

Because of the corona pandemic, the airport is doing badly economically. Now money could soon flow from the federal government. (02/12/2021) more

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