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Status: 03/30/2021 2:51 p.m.

In Hamburg, stricter corona measures are to be decided before Easter. The Senate plans to announce details on Wednesday.

It is about measures that should have a great additional effect, said Senate spokesman Marcel Schweitzer on Tuesday at the state press conference. “The specific votes have not yet been completed. They will, however, be implemented before Easter,” emphasized Schweitzer. Maundy Thursday is not traditionally part of the Easter holidays for the Senate. The Senate plans to announce the details on Wednesday. will broadcast the press conference on the resolutions on Wednesday from 2 p.m. via livestream.

Curfew is discussed

When asked whether a curfew was also being considered, the second mayor Katharina Fegebank (Greens) said: “Yes, we are currently discussing this.” This measure could be a building block. According to Fegebank, companies could face further restrictions. The services that are still open or the education sector could also be affected. Fegebank explained: “We are now looking at each other very carefully, against the background of a really serious situation, dramatically increasing numbers, high incidences, what contribution we can make from Hamburg to break the third wave.”

AUDIO: Senate wants to tighten corona rules before Easter (1 min)

In the direction of the federal government, she said that you are not just in the middle of a third wave. If there is no braking effect now, you might be sitting there in two, three or four weeks and you might have a completely different, more aggravated situation with dramatic effects on the health system, says Fegebank.

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