Hamilton wins electrifying fight against Verstappen!


(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton has won the Bahrain Grand Prix after an electrifying final against Max Verstappen. The Mercedes driver was already overtaken by the Red Bull driver a few laps before the end, but because Verstappen had to go over the “track limits”, he had to wave Hamilton past without a fight and be content with second place.

Lewis won the Bahrain Grand Prix before Verstappen


Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) and Mick Schumacher (Haas), the two Germans in the field, finished the race but got nothing.

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Who was to blame for the collision between Ocon and Vettel?

Clearly Vettel! In the 45th lap, the two fought for P12 at the start and finish. Ocon sucked himself in in the lee of the Aston Martin, swerved, and turned into the first corner. Until he got a push from Vettel and turned. Vettel had – presumably because of the “dirty air” of the Alpine – simply braked and lost control.

The first reaction of the Aston Martin driver on the pit radio was emotional: “Why did he have to change the line? I brake myself, and then of course I drive him in.” But ‘ServusTV’ expert Nico Hülkenberg is amazed at this “rant” of his compatriot: “Esteban has not changed lines. Seb simply misjudged himself.”

What was going on at Valtteri Bottas’ pit stop?

On lap 30 the Finn made his second pit stop while lying in second place. The mechanics at the front right did not get the tire off at first. Because all the other tires were changed, the car was dropped on the ground. So the mechanics had to jack it up again. It was more than ten seconds before the tire was finally changed. And Bottas dropped to fifth behind Lando Norris (McLaren) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari).

Why was the safety car actually green?

That had nothing to do with Formula 1’s new eco-initiatives. Instead, Mercedes will share the safety car with Aston Martin for the first time in 2021 – and the traditional color of the traditional British brand is green. The driver of the Aston Martin Vantage with a 4.0-liter V8 turbo engine (510 hp) was, as usual, Bernd Mayländer.

Problems even before the start: what was going on with Sergio Perez?

About an hour before the start, there was a hectic hustle and bustle in the Red Bull pit. At Perez, Honda engineers noticed an anomaly in the data. To be on the safe side, the battery and control electronics were changed. Because all of this was still within the permitted quota in the first race, there was no penalty for it.

Perez went into the warm-up lap as normal, but rolled out of it. The field went into a second warm-up lap when Perez got the RB16B going again. However, according to the regulations, he was not allowed to catch up with the field, but had to start from the pit lane.

Monday, 5:00 p.m .: The LIVE race analysis on YouTube!

Incidentally, not the first technical problem for Honda at the season opener. Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri) already had a couple of Gremlins on Friday, and his teammate Pierre Gasly had also swapped components on Saturday morning. But there is no connection between the abnormalities at Perez and Gasly, Honda assures when asked by ‘Motorsport-Total.com’

How did Fernando Alonso’s comeback go?

Only 33 laps. The Alpine driver drove towards a sure point result and ensured great racing when he matched Carlos Sainz and Vettel for eighth place. After 33 laps, however, his working day was over. The Alpine’s rear brakes had given up their work. Because of a part that got caught in the brake ventilation.

What was the reason for Nikita Masepin’s failure?

The Russian was the turner king of the weekend. On Saturday he blamed the brake-by-wire system for his problems in Turn 1. On Sunday, no more: “My tires were cold, I hit the curb, accelerated too aggressively and turned. Totally my mistake . I dodged Mick and hit the gas too quickly. The tires couldn’t handle that. “

A few laps later, Schumacher suffered exactly the same mishap at the same point. But the German was lucky and was able to continue.

What does Verstappen’s victory have to do with Daniil Kwjat?

Every time Kvyat is kicked out, Verstappen wins! That was the case in Barcelona in 2016, when Verstappen replaced Kwjat at Red Bull. Then in Sepang 2017, when Kwjat was replaced by Gasly at Toro Rosso. In Austin 2017, Kwjat was allowed to run again because Gasly should actually have driven Super Formula in Japan (but the season finale was canceled due to typhoon). The next race, in Mexico, when Kwjat had to make room again, was won by Verstappen. So now number 4.

The fact that Verstappen is now in a relationship with Kvyat’s ex-girlfriend Kelly Piquet (the mother of Kvyat’s first daughter) is just a side note …

Which Michael Schumacher record was broken this time?

The one for most leadership laps in Formula 1 history. At the end of the 42nd lap, Hamilton put his account in these statistics on 5,112 laps. Schumacher had managed 5,111 in the course of his illustrious career.

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(The first voices after the race and later from the press conferences in Bahrain are in the ticker “Paddock live” with Ruben Zimmermann!)

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Hamilton wins electrifying fight Verstappen


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