Hamster wheel robot is supposed to explore caves on the moon


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The robot Daedalus (Descent And Exploration in Deep Autonomy of Lunar Underground Structures) looks like a very futuristic hamster ball at first glance. However, it is not a toy, but a sophisticated system that scientists should use to explore the caves on our moon.

When analyzing the lunar surface, orbiters were able to spot deep pits. These could be “skylights” with lava caves underneath. They could provide access to previously untouched lunar material and possibly even water ice deposits.


Find living spaces

In addition, ESA can imagine that such caves will become habitats when the moon is colonized. The caves offer natural protection from radiation, micrometeorites and extreme temperatures.

The spherical robot has a diameter of 46 centimeters and is equipped with a LIDAR system with which 3D maps of the caves are created. It also has a stereoscopic camera, temperature sensors, a radiation dosimeter and extendable arms that can be used to remove obstacles.

The robot sends data from the cave via a Wi-Fi crane

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Hamster wheel robot supposed explore caves moon


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