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Last Saturday, 600 doctors and practice staff from the city and region of Hanover were supposed to be vaccinated. But only 200 people who wanted to be vaccinated showed up at the time.

The others let the appointment pass without cancellation, like them “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” (HAZ) reported on Saturday. According to the Hanover region, the appointments were agreed in writing between the practices and the vaccination center. The result: the available medical staff in the vaccination center on the exhibition grounds waited in vain – and at the same time was missing for other vaccinations.


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In Lower Saxony there are many problems with scheduling appointments for the corona vaccination. The country has outsourced the organization for this. 9 min

“A terrifying signal”

The fact that two thirds do not get vaccinated is a “worrying number and a frightening signal,” said the region’s finance director, Cordula Drautz, of the HAZ. It is normal that ten percent of those registered do not come to the vaccination appointment. “We would have liked to give the dates to someone else,” complained Drautz.

Willingness to vaccinate among daycare staff is very high

The experience with kindergarten teachers, for example, is completely different: The willingness to vaccinate is very high in this group. Members of this group were also vaccinated last weekend. The vaccine, which was left behind due to the absence of the doctors, did not expire, but was inoculated on one of the following days, they say.

Medical Association: rebuild trust in AstraZeneca

According to the Lower Saxony Medical Association, reservations about the AstraZeneca vaccine are the reason for the low vaccination rate among doctors. A week ago, complications from the vaccine were assumed. Therefore, she can understand the reluctance well, said President Monika Wenker of the newspaper. The vaccine has meanwhile been rehabilitated. Trust in AstraZeneca now has to be rebuilt.

According to HAZ information, 700 doctors and employees of the practices were registered for vaccination this Saturday.

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