Haunted Space: Promising space horror with ray tracing


If you like to get lost in space battles, you can write a new title on your piece of paper with Haunted Space, which you will definitely have to watch in the future.

With Haunted Space, an Italian indie developer has announced a very promising new space title as part of the Future Games Show. Italian Games Factory pairs well-known elements such as spaceship battles with all kinds of horror elements.

The story is about the encounter between the human race and aliens. In the game, humanity has found a new home in a fictional galaxy after finding a unique new source of energy in Sonic Matter. The dismantling of this element lets the horror break loose and finally sets the action around an old alien race in motion.

In addition to horror and space shooters, Haunted Space also gets a dose of everspace, because customization and upgrading your own spaceship, trading and resource hunting also play a role. Otherwise you can look forward to multi-stage boss fights, fights in both first and third person perspectives and a co-pilot feature.

The Unreal Engine and ray tracing support on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S are supposed to ensure the opulent appearance in graphical terms.

Haunted Space – Announcement Trailer
With Haunted Space we have promising space horror on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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Haunted Space Promising space horror ray tracing


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