Haunted Space – Sci-Fi adventure with horror elements announced


In “Haunted Space” sci-fi mixes with horror elements. For the weekend, developers Italian Games Factory and Merge Games present the upcoming game with a trailer and details.

In the distant future, the second age of human civilization reached the distant Neterun galaxy and discovered a powerful energy it called sonic mass. Millions of settlers traveled to Neterun’s systems and a huge facility called the Metal Nut Plant was built to harvest the valuable resource.

In “Haunted Space” you take on the role of a fighter in the service of the human empire to traverse the galaxy and uncover its secrets. In addition to dogfights, trade and shipbuilding, “Haunted Space” offers, according to the developers, a history-heavy adventure.

The game has not yet received a release date. It will be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC platforms.

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Haunted Space SciFi adventure horror elements announced


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