He unpacks: Nino de Angelo blames Dieter Bohlen for his biggest debacle


He unpacks: Nino de Angelo blames Dieter Bohlen for his biggest debacle

A picture from happy times: Dieter Bohlen hugs Nino de Angelo after he prevailed against Ralph Siegel in the German ESC preliminary decision in 1989 with “Flieger”.
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Nino de Angelo and Dieter Bohlen wanted to get rich together in 1989. But their song “Flieger” ended in a debacle. The singer blames Bohlen for this.

“Flieger” was the name of the song with which Nino de Angelo competed for Germany in the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne. In the end, the “Jenseits von Eden” singer had to be content with a sad 14th place (out of 22 participants). There were high hopes for the song. Because what many do not know: “Flieger” came from the pen of Dieter Bohlen – and should make the “Modern Talking” star and de Angelo rich. But it turned out quite differently.

In his autobiography “Gesegnet und verflucht”, singer Nino de Angelo settles accounts with his former producer Dieter Bohlen. The singer blames the 67-year-old for the poor performance of the first celebrated song. “We are now selling two million albums of this song,” Bohlen is said to have been convinced. But it was with him of all people that “gold donkey Dieter was constipated,” writes de Angelo.

The trigger for the dissatisfaction between Bohlen and him was that the media speculated that “Flieger” could be a war song. “Of course we never had that in mind,” says the singer. De Angelo was attacked – and Bohlen apparently distanced himself from him. In Lausanne, the venue of the ESC 1989, Bohlen ignored him and instead only looked after Thomas Forstner, the Austrian candidate for whom Bohlen wrote the peace hymn “Just a song” (took 5th place).

Nino de Angelo threw Dieter Bohlen out of his limousine

The scandal occurred when Bohlen wanted to be driven to dinner in a limousine that had been made available to de Angelo by the record company. “The fact that he also had the audacity to sit down in my limo broke the barrel,” writes de Angelo. He smiled at his driver and said: “Please let the gentlemen get out again.” After that, Bohlen never looked at him again.

Unmistakably a Bohlen song: Nino de Angelo 1989 with “Flieger” at the ESC:

After the ESC debacle, de Angelo’s career stuttered. Dieter Bohlen never wrote a song for the singer again – nor did he make a German Grand Prix contribution. Three years later, however, Bohlen returned to the ESC. Again for Austria. With the singer Tony Vegas he wrote the title “Going Together” and was at least 10th. The title will sound familiar to many. It is strikingly similar to a later million-dollar Bohlen success, the “DSDS” song “We have a Dream”.


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unpacks Nino Angelo blames Dieter Bohlen biggest debacle


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