Headphone # 43: Demi Lovato danced with death


You can’t see the depths because you just want to see the radiance. The sun shines on the successful. Seems is the correct term. Much seems to be the way it is not. Demi Lovato jumped from death by the shovel. The successful US singer danced with the devil, was out of control and closer to heaven than everyone around her had thought.

“Dancing With The Devil” starts where everything felt right. A successful 2018 tour with all its side effects that you can’t see if you just look at the artist on stage.

It was the high point of her artistic career, as allies say, and at the same time the low point that culminated in an overdose of opioids that Lovato was only lucky enough to survive. Before that, she had repeatedly given too much alcohol.

Now there is not only the song “Dancing With The Devil”, which is relentlessly devoted to a dark chapter in a person’s life, but also a four-part documentary on youtube that deals with something that all those do not want to see who are only interested in that Business with the commodity man, the commodity music goes. And who should see all those at the same time whose desire for star life is so pronounced that they would do anything to finally be in the spotlight. But it is usually dark there.

“I crossed a line that I didn’t want to cross,” says Lovato in the documentary, in which she gives insights into the circumstances that almost literally hit her against the wall three years ago. Family and close friends also have their say. Well worth seeing for everyone who believes that the path to fame just like fame itself consists only of carefree, fun and joie de vivre. Many pay their price for success. The now 28-year-old almost paid the highest possible price. Seen in this way, “Dancing With The Devil” is also a reminder as a song.

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Headphone Demi Lovato danced death


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