Health Minister Jens Spahn lets entrepreneurs feel frustrated about countries


According to a media report, Federal Health Minister Spahn is said to have vented his anger over the federal states with the rapid test logistics. Actually, he is not responsible. But they “can’t do it.”

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn is said to have criticized the behavior of the countries at a meeting of the test logistics task force with companies. This is reported by the Bild newspaper. At the video conference, Spahn is said to have asked why, as Federal Minister of Health, he should deal with the purchase of rapid tests. Procurement is a matter for the federal states, the federal government only pays the bill. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is also said to have participated in the conference.

Representatives of drugstore and supermarket chains are said to have offered their help at the conference. They could make their logistics centers available if the federal government procures the rapid tests centrally. But Spahn does not see any jurisdiction here. “I don’t know why we should always sort things out because the countries somehow can’t manage it,” he is quoted as saying. Spahn had confirmed to the Bild newspaper that his collar had burst in the group.

Government argues with business over tests

Business and politics are fighting for rapid tests against corona in companies. A top-level discussion between business associations and trade unions with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and individual ministers was canceled on Friday, as government spokesman Steffen Seibert announced.

The federal government was dissatisfied with the proposals of the economy for testing in the companies, it was said in government circles. According to information from the German Press Agency, the major business associations had already sent numerous questions about the tests in the companies to the government on Wednesday.

As a result of their switches on the corona situation, the federal and state governments stated on Wednesday evening that comprehensive protection against infection required “that companies in Germany offer their employees in attendance at least one free quick test per week as a contribution to society as a whole”. The federal government will have a final consultation with the business community this week.

For their part, the trade associations BDA, BDI, DIHK and ZDH asked the government what positive approaches there are for companies and employees to carry out such tests. “Will the companies’ procurement and implementation costs be refinanced?”

The companies also asked whether employers could opt out of testing if they were financially overwhelmed, whether there was a possibility of reimbursement, whether companies should procure and pay for the tests themselves, and where the tests came from.

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Health Minister Jens Spahn lets entrepreneurs feel frustrated countries


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