Heinisch-Hosek: Where is the maintenance guarantee that has been promised?


SPÖ calls for real support for single parents and their children

Vienna (OTS / SK) “Where’s the long-promised maintenance guarantee? It is necessary to make the maintenance advance easier, but in view of the increasing poverty of women and children, that is far too little. A maintenance guarantee should apply to children who receive little or no maintenance or maintenance advance. As early as 2017, all parties promised that they would implement this urgently needed measure to prevent child poverty. And shortly afterwards the great forgetting set in, ”says Heinisch-Hosek. ****

“Women’s organizations and single parents regularly sound the alarm and the government is deaf,” says Heinisch-Hosek, shaken. Every two single parents are at risk of poverty and the crisis makes the situation even worse. Volkshilfe recently made a dramatic appeal to the government.

The SPÖ has long been calling for an emergency aid package for single parents. These include the maintenance guarantee, an updated child cost analysis and an increase in unemployment benefits to 70 percent. “Please let’s finally implement this together!” Appeals Heinisch-Hosek. (Conclusion) lp

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SPÖ federal organization, press service, Löwelstrasse 18, 1010 Vienna
Tel.: 01/53427-275

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HeinischHosek maintenance guarantee promised


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