Henkell Freixenet: Vegan sparkling wine times fourteen


Henkell Freixenet takes the trend towards a sustainable lifestyle into account and is one of the first sparkling wine manufacturers to bring vegan sparkling wines to the Austrian market.

The production of sparkling wines is always purely vegetable at the beginning. The grapes are pressed into juice and this is then fermented in barrels with the addition of yeast. The critical point for vegans only comes after the yeast and other constituents suspended in the wine are filtered out. For this purpose, so-called clarifying agents, which can be of animal origin, must be used. However, these can be replaced by vegan clarifiers without affecting the tingling enjoyment and taste. Henkell Freixenet has therefore switched to a vegan production method for its popular sparkling wines. From now on 14 popular products of the sparkling wine manufacturer are certified with the vegan seal of approval “V-Label”, which confirms that no products of animal origin are used in the production.
The vegan-certified products include:

  • Henkell dry
  • Henkell Rosé
  • Henkell Blanc de Blancs
  • Henkell Brut
  • Henkell Halbtrocken
  • Henkell Alkoholfrei
  • Henkell Kardinal
  • Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut
  • Mionetto Rosé Extra Dry
  • Freixenet Prosecco DOC
  • Freixenet Prosecco Italian Rosé
  • Freixenet Italian Wines Rosé
  • Freixenet Italian Wines Chianti
  • Freixenet Italian Wines Pinot Grigio

“We are proud to be the first manufacturer to offer vegan sparkling wines in Austria and also to enable consumers who value a vegan lifestyle to enjoy sparkling sparkling wine from Henkell Freixenet. This is a good example of the enormous and strong sparkling wine expertise Innovative strength paired with a high level of environmental awareness in our company, “says Henkell Freixenet Austria managing director Philipp Gattermayer happily.

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Henkell Freixenet Vegan sparkling wine times fourteen


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