House cleaning with a product test: feather duster or cloth against the boss?


House cleaning with product test
Feather duster or cloth against the boss?

Washing up, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom? Pah. Nothing sucks like dusting. But there are helpers. Microfiber cloths are real dust eater. Disposable feather dusters, on the other hand, usually clean moderately to poorly, as the product test found when cleaning.
Dust is a nuisance. But unfortunately it can be found pretty much everywhere in the apartment. At least for those who do not really thoroughly and regularly bring their place up to date. A good vacuum cleaner or robot can help on the floor. On the other hand, on shelves, cupboards and books, the elimination becomes really exhausting. But at least there are tools. For example the feather duster or the duster.

Stiftung Warentest has tested 16 corresponding products for dusting – six microfiber cloths and ten feather dusters. Result: The latter are practical at first glance, but did not convince in the test. Not only are they significantly less sustainable than cloths, eight out of ten also fail to remove dust well.

Only two fronds are “good”

Special electrostatic feather dusters and cloths are supposed to hold dust, hair and co. Magnetically as if by magic and thus remove the dirt quickly and easily. But in the plaster test by Warentest it was shown: It doesn’t work as well as advertised with the fronds. Only two candidates from well-known brands, the Swiffer and Pronto models, can remove dust and dirt well – and only on smooth surfaces. The Swiffer Duster dust magnet kit (approx. 3.30 euros, “good”, 1.7) was the only candidate overall very well able to hold on to the wiped dirt with its impregnated fibers.

All dusters convince

But the Pronto Plumero Staub X-press (2.70 euros, “good”, 1.9) can at least keep up on smooth surfaces. All other cheaper disposable products from the drugstore were only rated “sufficient” or “poor” (grade 4.3 or worse).

In return, all nine dusters tested scored “good”. The washable cloths like the Vileda Microfibre Magic duster (3.50 euros, grade 1.8) and the dm Profissimo Dust Magic (2.45 euros, grade 2.0) survive, as does the more expensive Spontex cloth (Microfibre X 4, 4.20 euros, grade 2.0) numerous washes in the machine without losing functionality. The tested disposable dusters also all serve their purpose, but are less sustainable.

Incidentally, Stiftung Warentest recommends washing the cloths at 40 degrees with color detergent without bleach and hanging up to dry.

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House cleaning product test feather duster cloth boss


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