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The corona pandemic not only presented innocent citizens and security authorities with new challenges, but obviously also many criminals!

“Numerous opportunities for criminals to commit offenses disappeared during the lockdown phase,” said Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (55, SPD) on Friday at the presentation of the 2020 crime statistics . “In some cases, this led to significantly fewer thefts, said the Senator.

Berlin's Interior Senator Andreas Geisel at the press conference on the raid against a radical Islamist association (Photo: STEFANIE LOOS / AFP)
Berlin’s Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel at a press conference (Photo: STEFANIE LOOS / AFP)

► Especially during the first lockdown in spring 2020, theft offenses fell by 27 percent, brutality offenses by 14.2 percent and property offenses by 29.2 percent.

► There was a significant decrease in dangerous and serious bodily harm (minus 14.8 percent).

► In the area of ​​property crime, the strongest declines were noticeable in the first lockdown phase. During this time, vehicle theft decreased by 80.4 percent, pickpocketing by 52.5 percent and the burglary of living space by 45.0 percent.

► In 2020 as a whole, the number of vehicle thefts fell by 23.8 percent, pickpockets by 19 percent and break-ins by 11.2 percent.

► But crime also reacted to the new situation. Since the pandemic, there has been more fraud on the Internet with orders for goods and when applying for immediate Corona aid. So far, the LKA has registered almost 3,000 cases of fraud. Previous damage amount: 41 million!

► There was also an increase in drug trafficking and smuggling (+23.6 percent), EC and credit card fraud (+29.8 percent) and child abuse (+9 percent).

► Politically motivated crime also increased by 29.5 percent – from 4630 to 5996 cases! Violent crimes even increased by 44 percent: from 618 cases in 2019 to the most recent 890 cases!

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► In the cases of anti-Semitic motivation, 352 cases were registered; in 2019 there were 303 cases. Right-wing extremist motivation was found in 328 cases (2019: 249 cases). The number of anti-Semitic violent crimes fell from 34 cases in 2019 to 10 cases in 2020. These were all classified as “right-wing”.

► The total number of crimes classified as “right-wing” rose by 21.8 percent – from 2016 to 2,456 cases. The number of right-wing violent crimes remained roughly at the previous year’s level (2019: 161 cases, 2020: 170 cases, +5.6 percent).

► There was an even greater increase in crime classified as “left” – by 50 percent! From 1419 cases in 2019 to 2128 last year.

► In the area of ​​left-wing violent crimes in particular, there was a significant increase of 66.9 percent: from 263 cases in 2019 to 439 cases in 2020. 61 percent (268 cases) of left-wing violent crimes were recorded in connection with demos.

► Senator Geisel was pleased with the lower frequency of criminal offenses per 100,000 inhabitants. At 13,739, it is the lowest since reunification. And the clearing-up rate is also the best value in ten years at 46.1 percent.

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The police registered a total of 504,142 crimes in the past year. A decrease of 1.8 percent compared to the previous year.

The police crime statistics for Berlin can be found here.

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