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Nena just thanked the lateral thinkers who caused escalations in Kassel. How does the singer feel about the corona pandemic? Can your theses be located in the camp of corona deniers? And what does she have to do with Xavier Naidoo? Answers can be found in the past.

More than 20,000 people gathered in Kassel last Saturday to demonstrate against the Corona measures that 6,000 would have been allowed. They partly kept to it not to the conditions, like wearing mouth and nose protection or maintaining a safe distance. There were violent clashes with the police. And Nena? A few days after the escalated demonstration in the north Hessian city, she simply wrote in an Instagram story: “Thank you Kassel”. In addition, she showed a video of the demonstrators, underlined this with a song by Xavier Naidoo.

Management recently made it clear: Nena is not a corona denier

It is not the first time that Nena has caused a stir on the Internet with an article. “I have my common sense, which breaks down the information and the scare tactics that are pouring in from the outside into all its parts,” she wrote in October via Instagram. It is possible for her not to be hypnotized by fear. These statements had a cryptic effect, so Nena could not be clearly assigned to an opinion on the subject of Corona.

Her management then said: “We take a critical view of some measures – for example, masking requirements for children and that family members are not allowed to visit and accompany the dying – and as Nena said weeks ago: ‘Fear is not a good advisor’.”

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In addition, according to management, Nena is clearly not part of the camp of corona deniers: “She does not take any side, but has an opinion and feelings that she primarily expresses in her music,” said a spokesman at the time when asked by “Bild “.

Your most recent entry to the protesters from Kassel is now also clear: The 61-year-old shows solidarity in public with lateral thinkers. She also thanks Naidoo, who sings about the fact that the measures sound “like orders”, who sings about Germany as a country that no longer stands for “freedom”.

In an interview from last August that Nena gave to the editorial network Germany, she said: “We all suddenly found ourselves in a life situation that is uncertain. And that, although life is of course always uncertain.” The uncertainty in everyday life was only “largely faded out and practically lived in a simulation of security.” Because of this, you are now experiencing an “intensive waking up process”.

Xavier Naidoo also often spoke of an awakening or awakening in the past. For example, he wrongly described the national “Warning Day” in September 2020 as dangerous and issued an “urgent warning to all spiritual and awakened” people. In his opinion, the frequencies of the sirens would block “vibrations and awakening”. The singer repeatedly fires conspiracy theories and presents the measures to contain the corona pandemic, which are intended to protect the population and prevent overloading of the health system, as restricting freedom.

Nena is known for her spirituality

Nena is also known for her spirituality. On Instagram, she recently spoke of a light we should all go into. “Let’s go into the light and stand for love, because despite all the madness we are experiencing here, I believe and know that the positive change can no longer be stopped.”

In the interview from August, however, Nena pleaded for a peaceful way through the Corona crisis. She feels a “completely new intimacy” with her fans. She believes that it “will stay and from now on it will only get stronger and spread”.

The “99 Luftballons” interpreter wrote on Instagram in September: “Each of us here has his own view of the things that happen on the outside and of what may be triggered deep within each of us.”

Nena is for a peaceful way

Her main thesis is therefore a togetherness that allows diversity: “It is time to approach one another instead of attacking one another because one disagrees.” She finds it “shocking that we allow ourselves to be divided into different camps, views and truths and that so many are ready to wage a kind of war with one another instead of going into each other and creating peace”.

The demonstration in Kassel, during which several people were injured, it to escalations came between demonstrators, police and counter-demonstrators, but spoke a less peaceful language. You can see more about this in the video here.

What Nena and Xavier Naidoo have to do with each other

Xavier Naidoo, who was mentioned and thanked in Nena’s latest post and commented on her cryptic post from October with a heart and thus fueled speculation in the direction of the corona denier, knows the singer personally. In the third season of “Sing my Song”, the two of them sat together on the sofa in South Africa evening after evening, spending a lot of time together. At that time Naidoo sang the Nena song “Wunder gescheh’n”. She made his hit “Freedom” her own.

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Nena thinks Corona


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