Hugh Grant: He becomes the villain in Dungeons and Dragons


British actor Hugh Grant will play the villain in the film adaptation of “Dungeons & Dragons” with Chris Pine.

British actor Hugh Grant (60, “Bridget Jones – Chocolate for Breakfast”) will play the villain in the film adaptation of the fantasy role-playing game “Dungeons & Dragons”. As “The Hollywood Reporter” reports, Sophia Lillis (19) is also in the cast. She made a name for herself with the “It” horror films (2017, 2019). US actor Chris Pine (40, “Wonder Woman”, “Wonder Woman 1984”) was hired as the main actor.

Premiere of the remake in May 2022

The project has been planned for years. After a dispute over the rights, Paramount Pictures finally took over the film project. Jonathan Goldstein (51) and John Francis Daley (35), who are among other things behind the action comedy “Game Night” (2018), are responsible as scriptwriters and directors.

The first “Dungeons and Dragons” film by Courtney Solomon (49) was released in 2000. At the box office, the flick with Justin Whalin (46), Jeremy Irons (72) and Thora Birch (38) turned out to be a flop. Nevertheless, two sequels followed in 2005 and 2012. The remake is scheduled to premiere in May 2022.

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Hugh Grant villain Dungeons Dragons


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