Human blood in the shoe – the $ 1,000 sneakers from hell


Employees of a New York artist collective had a couple of drops of blood drawn, which was built into black and red Nike trainers. The collaboration with a US rapper resulted in 666 couples in the diabolical series. But Nike has nothing to do with it.

Rapper Lil Nas X presents the “Satan Shoe”: It contains a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross and a drop of human blood.

Photo: MSCHF

Nike wanted nothing to do with the making of the diabolical project, nothing to do with it. Based on the Air Max 97 model – the best-known and most popular sneakers from Nike – US rapper Lil Nas X (“Montero”) and the New York artist collective MSCHF have launched a controversial model: the “Satan Shoes”. 666 pairs were made.

Each shoe contains a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross, a reference to the Bible passage Luke 10.18 (this can be read on the shoe box: “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning”) and just a drop of human blood .

Makes the collector's heart beat faster: The Teufels sneakers in their original packaging.
Makes the collector’s heart beat faster: The Teufels sneakers in their original packaging.

Photo: MSCHF

The Air Max 97 model stands out for its continuously visible air sole, which is inspired by Japanese high-speed trains. According to MSCHF, the soles of the new Teufelsschuh are filled with a mix of red ink and “a drop” of human blood.

The blood donation came from several MSCHF employees (the name stands for “mischief” – English for nonsense). “We love to make sacrifices for our art,” said a spokesman for the collective. In addition, the artist troupe confirmed to CNN that Nike “was in no way involved”.

Nike also responded with an explanation: You have neither a relationship with the rapper nor with MSCHF. These shoes have not been designed or published, and they will not be promoted or supported. The group reassured the loudest critics.

Because the diabolical sneakers sparked a wave of outrage over the weekend and were criticized by political and religious figures, including the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, and the evangelical pastor Mark Burns. The former said it was wrong to sell the shoes as exclusive to children. Only their God-given souls are exclusive.

The latter called the designer sneakers “evil” and “heresy” in a tweet.

It is probably a special kind of PR coup that the musician landed with the launch (on Palm Sunday). At the same time his new single was released. In the accompanying music video you can see Lil Nas X driving from the Garden of Eden to Hell and dancing with the devil – in Nike shoes.

The MSCHF label also receives the attention it deserves. Although it is not the first bizarre product that the Brooklyn-based company, originally founded as a marketing agency, has brought onto the market. There is Puff, the rubber chicken bong, to show just one example in the picture.

In the past, the collective had sold a laptop with some of the world’s most dangerous computer viruses for over $ 1.3 million. In February, the group ripped apart four Hermès Birkin bags to create a collection of sandals priced between $ 34,000 and $ 76,000.

But the collective now also knows its way around shoes with a biblical context. In 2019 it presented the “Jesus Shoes”. Fittingly, these had holy water from the Jordan in their soles and went away like warm Weggli.

The New York label also created this “Jesus Shoe”;  the shoes are sold out, fans on auction platforms pay over 1,600 francs per pair.
The New York label also created this “Jesus Shoe”; the shoes are sold out, fans overpay on auction platforms 1600 Franken per pair.



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