“I Can See Your Voice”: In the end, Oliver Pocher is always wrong


Updated March 30, 2021, 10:21 p.m.

At the start of the new season of “I Can See Your Voice” the celebrities are usually wrong when they guess the supposed singers. Oliver Pocher is undoing his aversion to influencers

A criticism

of Felix Reek

Silly disguises, singing and the question of whether whoever stands in front of you is really what he claims to be – somehow it sounds familiar. That’s right, with a similar concept, “The Masked Singer” has recently been enjoying huge success on ProSieben. The imitators of the originally South Korean show were not long in coming. Stefan Raab wants to produce a kind of inverted “The Voice” with “Fame Maker” in which the singers cannot be seen.

“I Can See Your Voice” on RTL also goes in this direction. Here the singers can be recognized, but they are in disguise and initially sing along with the playback. The underlying question is: Can you see if someone can sing or not? If a swindler makes it to the final, he wins 10,000 euros. If it is a singer, a so-called “superfan” clears away. At the start of the second season, this is Marlen, who has been a fan of the music show permanent guests The Boss Hoss for ten years. She is advised by the two band members in her decisions, as well as by an advice team consisting of Ilka Bessin, Motsi Mabuse, Victoria Swarovski, Thomas Hermanns and Oliver Pocher.

Authentic soundscape without an audience

“I Can See Your Voice” is moderated by Daniel Hartwich, who slips into the well-designed blue and white light show studio in a checked shirt and jeans as if he had just come from his home office. The audience cheers, claps, there is a whistle – but of course nobody is there. Only cardboard displays sit in the stands. Nevertheless, you have to give the RTL sound director: After a few seconds, the viewer has actually forgotten that it is just a soundscape, it sounds so authentic.

Appearance for the supposed singers: “The radio presenter”, “The nurse”, “The mechatronics technician”, “The fitness model” and so on and so forth. Unsurprisingly, Oliver Pocher shoots the influencer: “She can’t do anything!” He chanted. With this concept, he finally got his own career at RTL going again. The rest of the jury holds against it, while Pocher continues to grumble. It feels like this for 15 minutes, then The Boss Hoss also discuss. Just so that superfan Marlen will ultimately decide for himself and throw someone completely different out: “Countryman” who has to step on stage in cowboy boots and with long thinning hair to prove whether he can sing or not. He starts – and belts out Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” convincingly.

Much talk about nothing

So it now goes on for several rounds. The candidates step forward, everyone is talking confused and Oliver Pocher is wrong. As in round two, in which the singers have to perform to their supposed own playback. Pocher has meanwhile made everyone so mad with his constant jerking against the fitness model that she has to go up to sing. Even if after all the hostility at first pretty shaky. Which prompts Pocher to follow suit again: “She doesn’t sing particularly well!” Nevertheless, the jury is wrong again.

It stays that way throughout the program. “The Faschingsjeck” – “The voice fits the face”, says Thomas Hermanns. Even so, the man can sing. Instead, the celebrities let themselves be fooled by the performances. “The Mechatronic” turns out to be a veritable dancer, “The Anime Fan” as a “Frozen” double. It takes a while until the first real crook is exposed. It’s “The Radio Presenter”, who has probably seen a few boy band videos too much for his exaggerated performance, but sounds more like Justin Bieber who got his vocal cords in a lawnmower.

“One is seldom happy about such bad singing”

What remains at the end are “The Anime Fan” and “The Nurse”, who have to be cross-examined. Neither of them is really convincing. “The Nurse” lists the Red Hot Chili Peppers as their favorite punk band, “The Anime Fan” cannot remember the name of the recording studio in which they allegedly recorded. She has to expose herself and does her best to crawl as lopsidedly as she can. “It’s seldom that you are happy about such bad singing,” said the jury.

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But does that automatically mean that “The Nurse” can really sing? In the grand finale, she appears with The Boss Hoss to whistle their version of “One” penned by U2. She starts – and slaughters this actually untouchable song. Superfan Marlen grimaces, “The nurse” is happy. She deceived everyone and won 10,000 euros. At least one consolation should remain for everyone: If someone has earned the money after these last twelve months, it will probably be a nurse.

At one time, Amira Pocher was just the new woman at Oliver Pocher’s side for many, today she has long since become a big name in show business. Whether moderator jobs or her own podcast – she is currently taking off. But some do not allow her the success.

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