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With their sound body, ONE was completely wrong …

After two episodes broadcast so far, RTL sent its TV show “I Can See Your Voice” in series on Tuesday evening. Seven celebrities and one normal candidate should guess which singing talent can really sing. And that without hearing the voice first.

The BossHoss cowboys Alec Völkel (49) and Sascha Vollmer (49) faced this challenge together with their biggest fan Marleen. They were supported by Oliver Pocher (43), Ilka Bessin (49), Thomas Hermanns (58), Motsi Mabuse (39) and Victoria Swarovski (27).

One young woman who was introduced as a fitness model mainly duped Oliver Pocher. In lap one, only the visual impression counted. Moderator Daniel Hartwich suggested with a look at the attractive lady in the sporty dress: “With her the dumbbells fly and the notes float.”

However, Pocher could not imagine that at the sight of them. The comedian was immediately certain: “She can sing ZERO.” For his colleague Thomas Hermanns, this was a long-lost cliché. “Just because a woman looks good? That’s important in pop. “

Alec Völkel, Sascha Vollmer and their fan Marleen later voted out of the fitness modelPhoto: TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel

While The BossHoss and her fan were still puzzling over who of the seven performers they should vote for in the first round, Pocher stayed with the fitness model: “The four is really the only one who can do NOTHING.” Daniel Hartwich asked him, amused: ” Could it be that women who are taller than you scare you? “

When the candidate only moved her lips to a song in the second round, Oli conjured up his next argument: “If you could sing like that, you’d be a star long ago. But I’m not falling for you. ”

The others began to ponder too. Can a mega-voice be in such a well-trained body? Pocher, who had nothing to decide on the show: “I would like to take you another lap for the optics.”

But Team BossHoss had already voted out the fitness model. For Sinikka it was a matter of showing one’s colors. Can she sing or not? The advice team was very excited. After all, there has to be a good singer left in the end so that BossHoss fan Marleen wins the jackpot of 10,000 euros. Thomas Hermanns: “If she can sing now, it’s Oli’s fault!”

Comedian Oliver Pocher (archive photo)

Comedian Oliver Pocher (archive photo)Photo: dpa

In fact, there was full broadside for the comedian. Because the enthusiastic athlete is really a good singer and in 2020 even reached the semifinals of the “International Songwriter Contest”. While the celebrities were still complaining about Pocher, Hartwich joked: “Oli, don’t worry. She’s not the first woman you’ve been wrong about. “

The evening did not go optimally for Team BossHoss either. After selecting all the other performers, the only thing left was the nurse. With her, the guys were allowed to perform the U2 hit “One”.

And it turned out: this candidate really couldn’t sing. Because she wasn’t exposed until the end, the jackpot was hers.

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