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The Berlin “Tatort” star Almila Bagriacik (30) speaks in an interview about feminism, misogyny on the Internet and her new single existence.

Misogyny on the Internet. A big topic in this “crime scene”.

After the murder of a young woman, Axel Milberg (64) alias Klaus Borowski investigates in the new Kiel “Tatort: ​​Borowski and the fear of white men” (Sunday, 8:15 pm, Das Erste) together with colleague Sahin, the Berlin actress Almila Bagriacik ( 30) in the context of the so-called incel movement – men who involuntarily live in celibacy, direct their anger against women and radicalize and organize themselves to the right on the darknet. There’s a suspect quickly. The intimidated outsider Mario Lohse. Then a list appears with other women who are to be attacked.

Incel is not just a crime fiction, it also exists in real life. Attacks are also called for in Internet forums in Germany. “I only dealt with Incel after the attacks in Halle and Hanau,” says Almila Bagriacik to the BZ. Only then did I understand what kind of organization was behind it. ”

After a corpse was found, Klaus Borowski and Mila Sahin (right) go into the abyss of the Internet (Photo: NDR / Christine Schroeder)
After a corpse was found, Klaus Borowski and Mila Sahin (right) go into the abyss of the Internet (Photo: NDR / Christine Schroeder)

The actress also sees this “crime scene” as an impetus to think about how to deal with women. Too often it is “just tactless”. She herself fights against misogyny alone. “I think that as a woman you should respond to such hostility yourself,” she says.

About her own experiences with misogyny, says Bagriacik, who millions know as the murder victim Hatun Aynur Sürücü († 23) in the movie “Just a Woman” about the so-called Berlin “honor killing”: “For example, I was once compared to a male colleague as mine Gage was negotiated. It was stated that this male colleague would earn less on this project. Then it had to be clarified once again that my fee relates to my vita and my successes. ”

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And further: “Of course I am always open to negotiations. But from the moment I argue with a male colleague, I’m out. ”She thinks it’s terrifying that the“ Equal Pay Day ”is still pending.

Accordingly, she is a great supporter of feminism. “I only have a problem with it when it gets extreme,” she says. “I think it’s important to understand that feminism doesn’t mean we’re against men. We are women to ourselves and we fight to ensure that we get into the positions that have been our due for a long time. “

The Berlin actress, who subscribes to strong female roles, is also familiar with harassment on the Internet: “I ignore stupid calls on social media. There are things that are worth talking about and there are things that can be filtered. ”Sometimes she blocks the user or reports the person. Bagriacik: “Basically, people dare to say more on the Internet than when they are standing in front of you. Then they are mostly small with a hat. ”

Forced marriage: Aynur (Bagriacik) has to take her cousin Ismail as husband in Istanbul at the age of 15 (Photo: NFP / Matthias Bothor)
Almila Bagriacik played the murder victim Hatun Aynur Sürücü († 23) in the movie “Just a Woman” (Photo: NFP / Matthias Bothor)

Fortunately, they are only around men “who support feminism and do not feel attacked”. However, one is no longer one of them. After three years, the love between Almila Bagriacik and the Berlin tooth jewelery entrepreneur Sebastian Gündel has died out.

“I’m single now. But everything is okay and I am happy. We just drifted apart over time. I now also need my strength to invest it in my career. ”

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