Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano delivers spectacular images


Unique natural spectacle

Lava flow from Fagradalsfjall never ends

Even days after a volcanic eruption in Iceland, lava is constantly making its way to the surface of the earth. We have spectacular pictures of Fagradalsfjall for you to click through.

As can be seen in pictures from the area around 30 kilometers southwest of Reykjavik, the glowing liquid rock continued to splash and bubble out of a crater-like structure near the mountain Fagradalsfjall.

The spectacle was framed by the cooled, dull gray rock, from which steam escaped.

Iceland volcano creates a crazy natural spectacle

According to the Icelandic experts and authorities, it is not possible to estimate how long the whole thing will drag on. Approaching the actual crater is forbidden, and you shouldn’t go into the surrounding Geldingadalur valley because of the sulfur gases that occur. Still, some people watch the natural spectacle night after night.

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Icelands Fagradalsfjall volcano delivers spectacular images


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