If a Covid cluster is suspected: private kindergarten uses sucking tests


A new type of antigen test is now being used by the private kindergarten provider Kinder in Vienna.

VIENNA. “Take the test out of the packaging, remove the lid, hold the test tip under your tongue for two minutes and make sure that the pen is moistened. Take it out, close the lid and wait for the result. ”This is how the managing directors Danell Daral and Eden Biniaurishvili from BIDA Medical describe their lollipop test.

It is a rapid antigen test that detects the coronavirus – and therefore has the same basis as the nasal or throat swab tests or the nasal vestibule tests that are currently used in schools.

Use when a cluster is suspected

The test is now to be used in the kindergartens of the private provider Kinder in Wien (KIWI), which operates kindergartens and after-school care centers at 92 locations in Vienna. This should make it possible to simply test younger children for Corona. For cost reasons, the tests are initially only used if there is a suspicion of cluster formation. The managing directors Gudrun Kern and Thomas-Peter Gerold-Siegl would like the administration to buy the tests and make them available to the kindergartens free of charge.

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Covid cluster suspected private kindergarten sucking tests


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