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After the violent criticism of the Corona resolutions, the Easter rest is off the table again. Chancellor Merkel admits mistakes – and receives support.

After massive criticism, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) decided to stop the federal-state decision on the so-called Easter rest. Merkel announced this on Wednesday in a briefly convened switch with the prime ministers of the federal states. Merkel subsequently admitted at a press conference that the plans for the Easter rest had been a mistake. You take “full responsibility” for it. Read more about this here.

You can see the entire statement of the Chancellor in the video – above in the text or here.

According to t-online information, it was reported from circles in the federal states that the reason for the turnaround was that the Easter rest could not be implemented. Legally and practically. Merkel explained that the costs and benefits of such a regulation were not in a reasonable proportion.

In the opinion of Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), the responsibility does not lie solely with Chancellor Merkel. “All the Prime Ministers decided that. I was there just like everyone else. And that’s why I think it is necessary for everyone to apologize and regret it,” said Söder on the sidelines of the session of the Bavarian State Parliament in Munich. “Nothing actually happened – but of course there is a fidelity. And we’re sorry, I’m sorry too,” continued Söder. The situation is “very annoying”, but in the end it is better to correct the decision early on.

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz also defended Merkel: “That was a joint decision, everyone should now stand by it,” said the SPD politician. This applies to everyone involved, including himself. The overturning of the Easter rest regulation is correct. There are moments in politics when a decision has to be corrected, even if this is not easy.

Ramelow appeals to the population

It turned out that such a measure was not easy to implement. A crisis like the pandemic can only be overcome on the basis of trust and reliability, said Scholz. Because of this, mistakes shouldn’t happen more often. Decisions should be well and better prepared before they are made.

Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) regretted that the Easter rest period could not be implemented. The decision to extend Easter by two days was also a mistake by all Prime Ministers because the legal hurdles of the proposal from the Chancellery had not been recognized, he said on Wednesday after a briefly convened round of state heads of government with the Chancellor. Nevertheless, the Easter rest “still has an important background,” said Tschentscher.

Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) appealed to the population to continue to understand the days over Easter as rest days and not to go on vacation. “Easter rest has not been canceled, just no holiday regulations for Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday have been found,” said Ramelow on Wednesday in Erfurt. The dynamic growth in the number of infections must be broken.

“We all have to take it upon ourselves”

Even during the spontaneous summit, the Prime Ministers reportedly expressed their respect for the Chancellor and emphasized the shared responsibility. According to participants, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said: “I have personal respect for the Chancellor’s statement. In the end, it is better to clear it now if it is not legally possible.” Ultimately, the procedures are “also part of the problem”.

According to participants, NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) expressed his “great respect” for the fact that the Chancellor wanted to take responsibility for the procedure, which was unique in the corona pandemic. But: “We all have to take it on. We supported this path and did not contradict it.” It is right and imperative that politics take up justified criticism from practice and correct wrong decisions. Schleswig-Holstein’s head of government Daniel Günther (CDU) also reportedly said that it was good to take things back from time to time.

Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states had surprisingly discussed the corona pandemic again since 11 a.m. After hours of corona consultations on Tuesday night, great displeasure had ignited because the implementation of central resolutions was still open. Among other things, it was about what exactly is meant by the “rest days” planned in the Corona resolutions.

It was initially unclear whether there should be an alternative regulation to get the increasing number of new corona infections under control. First of all, the dpa learned that there were no plans to convene a new federal-state round at short notice. The corresponding point on Easter rest – point 4 of the resolutions from early Tuesday morning – will not be implemented.

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