IMMOFINANZ increases its offer for S IMMO – shares are well up | 03/26/21


The listed IMMOFINANZ is screwing up its takeover offer for S IMMO.

The offer is now € 22.25 per title, and in mid-March the first offer was € 18.04 per share (including dividend). The new offer corresponds to a surcharge on the six-month S IMMO average price of 40.3 percent, announced IMMOFINANZ on Thursday. S IMMO shares closed on Thursday at 19.80 euros on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

According to IMMOFINANZ, the new offer price also includes the dividend. In other words, should S IMMO pay a dividend in the period between the offer that has now been made and its settlement, the offer price will be reduced by the respective dividend. The first takeover offer was described as “weak” by the Association for Investors (IVA) in mid-March.

IMMOFINANZ currently already holds around 26.5 percent of S IMMO. S IMMO also holds 2,676,872 of its own shares. The takeover offer therefore includes the acquisition of all remaining shares, that is 69.9 percent or up to 51,432,587 shares. The offer is to be financed from the liquid funds of IMMOFINANZ as well as from outside financing of EUR 500 million.

By the end of the meeting, IMMOFINANZ shares in Vienna had gained 1.18 percent to EUR 17.09. For the S IMMO share, it even went up by 10.86 percent to 21.95 euros.

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IMMOFINANZ increases offer IMMO shares


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