In continuous Covid use for a year



For more than a year now, the coronavirus has been determining everyday life for people all over the world. As a result, of course, the rescue organizations were constantly faced with new challenges. You have been in continuous Covid use for a year.

Alexander Meller has been part of the Coronavirus team of the Red Cross in Burgenland for a year. The 35-year-old paramedic from Eisenstadt is constantly on duty for Covid-19 transports and tests.


Protective equipment is now part of everyday life for Alexander Meller

Humanity in protective clothing

Wearing protective clothing has become an almost daily routine for the man from Eisenstadt. “Of course, you always have to give people the feeling that there is a person behind the protective equipment,” says Alexander Meller. In one year, Alexander Meller carried out more than 1,000 antigen tests. The demand for antibody tests is currently very high in Burgenland.

Red Cross has been using Covid for a year, antibody test, antigen test


Antibody tests are currently in demand

At BITZ Eisenstadt, Bettina Horvath from Mattersburg says: “Whenever I have meetings or appointments with people, I get tested. And when there is the opportunity to take the antibody test, I do that too. Sarah Kirkovits from Stöttera thanks All emergency services: “Above all, I am very grateful for the voluntary work and the competent advice. The tests are always very positive – so the result is negative – but you are always welcomed very warmly.”

Red Cross has been using Covid for a year, antibody test, antigen test


Routine during test acceptance

Safe and Fast

Alexander Meller and his colleagues from the Burgenland Red Cross have carried out 1,560 coronavirus transports so far. The number of PCR and antigen tests taken is 293,290. When Alexander Meller accepts PCR tests ordered by the authorities in a parking lot in Eisenstadt, he is now routine. “In the drive-ins, we need about a minute for each smear. In contrast to the beginning. In March 2020 it took me 45 minutes for the first smear. A lot has happened in a year ”.

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continuous Covid year


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