“In the sunshine the engines roar”: Aargau police caught several speeders


The Aargauhe police carried out several checks over the weekend. “When the sun is shining, the engines roar throughout the canton,” wrote the Aargau canton police in a message on Sunday. So stood on Friday Laser measuring device in use on Böhlerstrasse in Schöftland. Four cardriver and a motorcyclist were out of town With Speeds from gross 116km / h to 141km / h flashed. 80 km / h are allowed here.

Am Saturday morning has been then in the outlying area in Würenlos the traffic measured. As the Aargau canton police wrote in a message, die over speeding from 38km / h to 65km / h. A motorbike driver and three car drivers had to Driving license issued on the spotjust. D.as Auto des «Front runner” has been ensured.

Also on Saturday wThe focus was on the pass road to the Benkerjoch on the Fricktaler side. The result was two high-speed drivers with the car, two high-speed drivers with the motorcycle and a link to speeding articles for a motorcyclist. The latter was with 74km / h almost twice as fast as allowed. D.as motorcycle has been ensured.

The weekend concluded with the inspection of the extra-urban route between Schneisingen and Lengnau. Two carsdriver were with 30 bor 34 km / h too fast on the way. In addition, a motorcyclist was with gross Measured 141 km / h. The learner’s license was taken from him on site.

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sunshine engines roar Aargau police caught speeders


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