Incredible what is now coming to light!


This information should not please Duchess Meghan, 39, at all. The royal beauty was allegedly spied on ice cold!

Duchess Meghan shadowed by a private detective

Just a few weeks ago, Duchess Meghan unpacked in an Oprah interview about her tragic time as a member of the English royal family. Since her wedding to Prince Harry, 36, she suffered from the headlines of the British press and apparently there was also behind the scenes anything but a rosy mood.

But now it comes out that Meghan’s life was already before the royal wedding changed for the worse should have – apparently without the Duchess of Sussex noticing. Ex-private detective Daniel Hanks now claims in the BBC interview that he was her in 2016 Spied on for months for the newspaper “The Sun” hat.

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Duchess Meghan: “the key to the kingdom”

Hanks wrote down every little detail. Over 90 pages of information the detective claims to have collected about Meghan, including private SMS. He explains:

Pretty much everything I found out could have been legally figured out for themselves – with the exception of that Social security number. Having this information is the key to the kingdom.

Meghan and Harry see that Confession of the private detective apparently as confirmation of her allegations in the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey, 67. In one official statement is it[called:“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex consider that today an important moment of reflection for the media industry and society as a whole. “

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Incredible coming light


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