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An angry Australian exposes the Queen of Pop’s photo fraud: Madonna is said to have cheekily copied her face on a strange Instagram picture.

For six years now, a photo has adorned the Instagram profile of superstar Madonna (62), which is supposed to promote her “Rebel Heart” album from 2015. It shows the pop icon, rebelliously twisting her mouth with a “Joy Division” shirt, patterned skirt and dark page head. As has now become known, the otherwise stylish Queen of Pop cheated a lot during the post-processing of this photo. Because actually the original recording did not come from the music artist at all.

TikTok-Star reveals photo fraud

In Australia, Amelia M. Goldie (28) is now boiling with anger, who took the picture much earlier. As she shows in a TikTok video, Madonna simply copied her face onto Amelia’s body and passed the cheeky portrait as her own. A revelation that spreads like wildfire on the video platform in no time.

“At first I thought it was a joke,” admits the angry Australian in a “BuzzFeed” interview. Actually, she wouldn’t have minded Madonna using her photo. But her opinion changed abruptly after she was not even linked as the author of the motif. “I think if you pass off someone else’s body as your own, the person deserves to be mentioned,” says Amelia.

In the meantime, her TikTok clip has not only collected over two million views, but also almost 4,000 comments. Actually another reason for music star Madonna to provide an explanation or at least to send a belated thank you down under. But the pop majesty has so far neither commented nor removed the photo from her Instagram collection.

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Influencer appalled Madonna stole photo People


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