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The “Mahjong game” app, which otherwise costs 9.99 euros, is currently available for free in the App Store. We will clarify whether the download of the free app is worthwhile.

You can temporarily download the “Mahjong game” app, which costs 9.99 euros, for free from the App Store. (Source: AntonioGuillemF /

  • The mobile game “Mahjong game” is currently offered for free in the App Store. It costs 9.99 euros on a regular basis.
  • In memory style you have to take the pieces off the playing field until there are no more pieces left.
  • Advertising banners cloud the gaming experience a little, but overall the game makes a pretty decent impression.

Many developers currently offer their regular paid apps and mobile games for free in the App Store. You can save a lot of money with the free promotions, but you have to hurry. Because the promotions are usually only valid for a short time, sometimes for just one day.

Im App Store free of charge instead of 9.99 euros

Currently there is, among other things, the mobile game “Mahjong game” for free. This actually costs 9.99 euros and can be played on the iPhone and iPad.

The mobile game is designed for one player. You always have to remove two identical memory-style stones one after the other from the playing field until none are left. The game is optimized for the large screen of the iPad, but can also be played on the iPhone.

You can choose different backgrounds and stone colors, there is also help if you get stuck and an undo button. There are also three different game modes in which you can play completely freely or for a limited period of time.

Advertising banners

The game normally costs just under ten euros, but still uses advertising banners that are permanently displayed in the lower area of ​​the screen. There is also a short commercial before the game starts. This is a little incomprehensible to us with a rather expensive app.

Is it worth the download?

If you like to play this kind of Mahjong, you can take a look at “Mahjong game”. Overall, it is a very decent version of the classic, which is quite suitable for a short pastime.

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IOS apps currently available free of charge

IOS apps currently available free of charge

However, there are much better titles in the App Store with high-quality graphics, effects and overall presentation. For the installation, at least iOS 11 must be installed on your Apple device. There are no other in-app purchases.

How long the free promotion lasts is unknown. If you are interested, you should download the game quickly. If you secure it now for free, you can always download it for free, even if it is offered for sale again.

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